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Expectations Vs. Reality: Your Morning Routine

Your morning routine may not live up to your expectations, but getting a clean, comfortable shave can! Pick up a joy razor so you can get the perfect shave and get back to the important stuff.

Expectation: You set your alarm an hour early so you have some time for morning yoga and your five-step skincare routine before you head out the door.

Reality: You hit the snooze button three times, drag yourself to the shower still half asleep, slather some sunscreen on your face, and hope for the best. 🤷‍♀️

Expectation: You're totally going to shave, exfoliate, and moisturize before work.

Reality: You end up frantically dry-shaving your legs over the sink 15 minutes before you have to leave. 😅

Expectation: Chia seed pudding and a green smoothie for breakfast because vitamins are important or something.

Reality: Coffee you have to drink black because you forgot to buy milk...again. ☕️

Expectation: Getting dressed in the perfectly ironed clothes you laid out the night before. This outfit says, "I'm confident, I'm capable, and you should give me a raise." 😎

Reality: So you forgot to lay out your clothes last night and instead have to throw together an outfit that says something like, "I sprinted for the train this morning and still missed it." 🤪

Tired of your expectations not living up to reality? Grab a joy razor for a shaving experience that will actually exceed your expectations.