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This Razor Line Will Make You Realize You’ve Been Shaving Wrong Your Whole Life

Shaving is about to never feel ~dull~ again!

Shaving: It's not always your ~favorite~ part of showering! Sometimes you get nicked, the blades get dull, it takes more than 0.01 seconds — need we continue?

"I'll shave tomorrow" —you for the past 10 years.

Well, GOOD NEWS! Joy Razor (exclusively at Walmart!), is here to change how you think about shaving.

Essentially, if you currently think of shaving as nothing more than a tedious task, this line has you in mind! It's improved each and every part of the process, from high-quality blades to nourishing shaving creams. Plus, it won't judge you during even your loudest singing solos in the shower.

It actually thinks you carry a tune pretty darn well. The shampoo agrees.

But let's not work ourselves into a ~lather~ just yet! It's time to break down what each bb does:


1. Joy Razor: The Teal One features ✨five blades✨ to give you a closer, more comfortable shave every darn time you bid adieu to armpit fuzz. Plus! It boasts a ~Lubrastrip~, which sounds like a comic book villain but is actually here to prevent irritation.

2. Glee Cucumber Aloe Shave Gel smooths over any tension between you and sensitive skin by nourishing your legs (or wherever the heck you're shaving) with a luxurious, lathering foam that smells DIVINE thanks to its cucumber and aloe scent. Just don't nap in the shower, no matter how relaxed you feel — that's very ill-advised.

3. Joy: The Refills with four blade replacements ensures you're never stuck with dull blades again, because that's just a one-way ticket to painful nicking. Each refill has a five-blade design so you can maintain a high-quality, comfortable shaving experience for the rest of your days — or at least a longer amount of time than usual.

4. Joy Razor: The Pink One delivers nothing short of a rosy experience when shaving, even if you've been putting it off for the past 17 weeks. Its five-blade design (comfortably) tackles each and every hair so you can focus on your very real singing audition without risking unexpected cuts. AND! Its non-slip grip handle gives you full control — no more dropping it in your gym's shower. 😳

5. Glee Summer Lily Shave Mousse creates a *richer* experience in the shower, courtesy of its refreshing floral scent. Plus, its luxuriously foaming formula will make your routine feel fancier than how you'd imagine the royal corgis must bathe.

6. Joy: The Refills with eight blade replacements promises to never leave you ~empty-handed~ whenever shaving starts to feel a little dull. Each one boasts the same five-blade design and protective strip (for smoothing your skin!) as the original so your skin can consistently enjoy the close, rewarding shaves it DESERVES.

And there you have it! A ~whole new world~ for shaving. Be sure to visit the full collection, exclusively at Walmart to check out all your new favorites!