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7 Adulting Feats That Totally Deserve An Award

We're all just doing the best we can, people — can't we get a little love for it? Pick up a joy razor and make shaving one of your adulting wins.

1. A medal for hitting that HIIT class...eventually.

Got a 6 a.m. alarm? Nope. 7 a.m.? Snooze central. 8 a.m.? Oops, didn't hear it go off. But at 9 a.m., you are ready to SWEAT.

2. First place for not missing that same freakin' spot you always miss when you're shaving.

Does anyone want to feel this perfectly smooth ankle crevice?

3. An award for not ordering takeout OR eating cereal for dinner.

You put some chicken in a pan and some broccoli in the oven with plenty of EVOO, salt, and pepper, and tbh it was so tasty you didn't even need to douse it in hot sauce. 💪

4. A plaque for actually hanging some artwork on your dang walls.

Artwork = prints you've had since college that may or may not involve frames.

5. A blue ribbon for ironing your shirt before walking out the door.

And a mighty good job you did for having to use your ~8 inches of counter space as an ironing board.

6. A gold cup for managing to keep your houseplant alive for three entire months.

She👏 is 👏 thriving 👏.

7. And a championship ring for not breaking into a cold sweat when calling to make a doctor's appointment.

And only calling your mom once to try to convince her to make the appointment for you.

You're killing the adulting game. Kill the shaving game too with joy razors available at Walmart.