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47 Thoughts I Had Watching The Canadian Leaders Debate For The First Time

Do I need a TV subscription? What do you mean I can just stream it on YouTube??

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When you are a cross-border political junkie and there are two debates in one night, something's gonna get screwed up

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Before this summer I didn't really know much about Canadian politics. Now after two months of studying the election and oh so drunk debates with friends, I'm watching the National Leaders Debate for the first time. Here's what was going through my head.

1. Wow it's on YouTube I can just stream it?


2. OK Canada you win big time.

3. Did you know how much time I spent begging all my American friends for a cable login just to watch the GOP debate on CNN?


5. Wait maybe it's called the PM debate

6. OK it's actually National Leaders Debate lol

7. Is there any network hosting this debate? No? Wait -- a magazine?! That's AMAZBALLS!!

8. I wonder what it's like to have The New York Time's Carolyn Ryan hosting a debate.

9. Yeah no way they can get the candidates to do it. Never mind.

10. Hmm the host looks like he has his smarts -- but why is he looking into a camera?


12. So everyone just talks to the camera? It's like watching C-SPAN but worse.

13. If the States were doing their debates the same way no one would watch it.

14. I wonder if it's a better way to keep everyone focused on the issues like --- oh HELLO JUSTIN TRUDEAU

Thanks @paulbrownboxfit for my first spar of the day. #elxn42 #cdnpoli

15. Trudeau is hot. I mean look at this piece of Canadian royalty.

'That is simply not true': Trudeau goes after Harper for misleading attack at debate #elxn42

16. I can't even focus on what he's talking about. What economy winter?? I can literal--no--figuratively feel summer in his eyes.

17. And he's looking into the camera AKA my eyes. Yep HOW YOU DOIN'?


19. Harper is talking about cutting taxes now...Why is the Canadian Minister staring at me??

20. He looks really aggressive I'm scared.

21. Yo it's Trudeau again. He's so hot I think I just wet my couch cushion.

22. LOL he just said "be sure 'aboot' the future" so adorable.

23. It still feels weird to have a candidate staring at me during a debate. Even weirder when that candidate isn't Trudeau.

24. I wonder if it's correct to call them candidates ---- after all no one is directly voting for them.

25. Now Mulcair is talking. Mulcair looks like he would host a barbecue and give out burgers to strangers.


27. Do they feel awkward having to respond to each other while talking into the camera?

28. Harper keeps calling Obama the President. Just call him Barry, I call him Barry. Joe Biden does the same.

29. Hmm now Elizabeth May, I think it's at least the third time you said to Harper "with all due respect."

30. LOL girl the more you say it the less you really mean it.

31. Actually Mulcair looks like my econ professor in college. Very sincere Tommy I think you really cares.

32. Trudeau just talked about protecting the environment for the next generation hmm.

33. I think he really turned me on when he said our children. I know, Justin. OUR CHILDREN.

34. They are really talking a lot about the States wow.

35. Yeah I know the economy is bad but why can't we stop comparing and focusing on solving those issues at home?

36. Trudeau looks really nervous. He's so tense. I wonder if he wants a shoulder massage.

37. They are all talking about how to make the environment better!

38. Looks like all four parties in Canada acknowledge climate change.

39. *Speaking in to a megaphone* DID YOU HEAR THAT MITCH MCCONNELL??

40. OK I don't think he heard me.


42. Mulcair is so cheerful even when he's talking about unemployment.

43. The way he says Harper gets things wrong is not that different from when a teacher tells a 4th grader he failed his math quiz.

44. I think Mulcair would make a great Santa. For starters, they are both Canadian.

45. OMG Trudeau is picking on Mulcair's French?? LOLOL

46. It's so hard to be consistent in two different languages though. They should do the exact same debate again in French. #lostintranslation

47. Trudeau has three kids already? I'll be their stepmom.


Back on Twitter post-debate after calling my top advisor. Thanks Sophie.

And that's when I switched to Fox News and started watching the first Republican Primary debate.

Remember when I called the Canadian debate form BORING? But then Fox News's logo appeared on my TV and for a second I thought I was watching American Idol.

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