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13 Things I Learned After Moving To Toronto

No, Toronto is not "pretty much America".

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1. Liquor Stores Are All Government Owned

LCBO / Via

No more buying beer and wine from grocery stores/7-11s. Ontario's liquor stores are government owned LCBOs and the price is SCARY. Bye bye Trader Joe's two buck chucks :(((

2. LCBOs Can Be Really Fancy

Instagram: @patinthehat4

I actually thought it was a museum before I walked in and saw booze everywhere. In Toronto, we put a clock tower on our liquor stores.

This Summerhill LCBO used to be a railway station.

3. Groceries Are 15-20% More Expensive

Instagram: @stephieagordon / Via Instagram

I'm mostly talking about Loblaws/Sobey's versus Stop & Shop. Also the Whole Foods 365 juice in Canada is $1 more than it is in DC.


Joy Liu

That's a picture of my cart when I went grocery shopping for the first time. Maple cupcakes, maple candies and of course maple syrup. Oh and don't forget those elk droppings. YUM.

5. Authentic Chinese Food / Via Instagram

Toronto has a HUGE number of real, authentic Chinese restaurants. In DC only two Chinese restaurants are EDIBLE. I'm from Beijing and I give Toronto an A+++++++.

6. Credit Card Machines For When You Pay Your Bill / Via Insagram

No more struggling with the tip. Those machines have changed my life and now being bad at math is NBD. I've never seen those in the States. Take note, America.

7. Not Everyone Knows French

Instagram: @rmystique78 / Via Instagram

Sure you have this hot piece of ass. But most people I've met are NOT super fluent in French. What a relief.

*Update: now he's our dreamy Prime Minister. Bonjour, mon cheri <3

8. Most People In Toronto Don't Have A Strong Canadian Accent

When your American friend throws in Canadian colloquialisms to see if you'll notice #eh #canada #washroom

However, polls show 81 per cent of Canadians use "eh" at least once a day.

9. Dogs. Dogs EVERYWHERE / Via Instagram

I swear in my neighborhood there are more dogs than human beings. That's probably not true, but you get the picture. I need a dog.

10. Fantastic Public Transit System

Instagram: @jessie_paul_ / Via Instagram

OK I know Torontonians complain about the TTC everyday. But you know, the train comes every 5 minutes and it rarely breaks down, it's impressive compared to the DC Metro.

11. Commuters Are Really Serious About Paying

Love my country. This is what happens in Canada when subway gates aren't working. #Canada #MeanwhileinCanada

Once I was on the streetcar and a commuter got really upset that he couldn't pay his fare with the new fancy streetcar fare-paying machine. I would've shrugged it off and just sat back and relax.

12. It's Not Just Metrics System In Canada

Via Tinder

Yes Canada went metric years ago. But IRL it's actually a random mix of metrics and imperial. Like 5'10 Jean. Jean has great hair.

13. Toronto Is Not Racism-Free


Toronto has a reputation of a world-class multicultural city. Maybe it's not as bad as the United States but racism still exists here. Someone on the street just recently shouted to me "DO YOU SPEAK MANDARIN". #asianproblems #ICanTeachYouHowToSayYoMommasChestHairInMandarin

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