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The 3 Best Apps To Celebrate Chinese New Year In Vancouver

Chinese New Year is here again, and Vancouver is bursting with traditional Chinese entertainment and dining experiences to explore. With more than 100 Chinese restaurants in Richmond alone and themed activities all over the city, navigating the festivities can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the three best apps to help you find your way to the highest-rated Chinese restaurants in Vancouver, send traditional Chinese New Year gifts to friends and family, and share your experiences with your neighbours and the rest of the world! Use these apps to discover one of Vancouver’s biggest events and China’s most important festival. Come out and celebrate the year of the Rooster!

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1. Try Traditional Chinese Food Using the “Fandine” App

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For Chinese people, serving and enjoying good food is deeply rooted into local culture. Over the last thousand years, each region of China has created its own splendid recipes and traditions. Thanks to its large Chinese population, Vancouver offers diners a great variety of regional cuisines. But the best authentic Chinese restaurants often have complex menus that are difficult to navigate.

The Fandine app is a collection of customer restaurant reviews and ratings based on a five-point system. The app is easy to use: you can search for Chinese restaurants and choose which ones to visit based on other diners’ feedback. Fandine users usually post comments mentioning the best menu items, deals, and more.

Check out the Fandine app to decide which restaurant to try this Chinese New Year!

2. Join the Chinese New Year Parade and Share Photos With “Weibo”

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Getting out to Chinatown to watch the lion dance is a traditional way to celebrate Chinese New Year. The lion dance is a spectacular performance that moves across Chinatown as part of the festival parade, and it’s a totally unique experience. Thousands of locals and tourists come to see Vancouver’s lion dance every year.

Weibo is an app designed to be similar to Twitter, and it is the most popular social networking app used in China. Join the action and use Weibo’s location tag to find your friends in the festival crowd. Then post your photos to the Weibo platform for everyone to see and to interact with other users. This is a great way to share your experience and even make new friends in Vancouver’s Chinese community!

3. Send Your Loved Ones Lucky Money With “Wechat”

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Another fun Chinese New Year tradition you can get into is giving small gifts to your friends and family for good luck. In China, elders give young people distinctive red envelopes holding small amounts of “Lucky Money” (“hongbao” in Chinese) to give them a lucky new year. This Chinese tradition is all about spreading good luck to others.

Now you can send your friends these Lucky Money packets online using the Wechat app. The app downloads in seconds and is very easy to use. Just choose your gift (the Red Packet), enter the amount of money you wish to send, and choose your lucky recipients!

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