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What Should We Bring to BuzzFeed?

Hey people of the Internet! Did you know that John and I will be visiting the BuzzFeed offices next Friday? We will! And we want your help: We're going to bring a present to your favorite editors, and you get to decide what we bring! Just leave a note in the comments and we'll count them up. Polling closes on Wednesday, so vote early and vote often!

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  • 1. Cookies!

    Who doesn't love warm, delicious cookies?

  • 2. A Baby!

    The Internet loves babies, and we'll bring a cute one to your favorite Web site.

  • 3. A Kitten

    This doesn't really need an explanation, does it?

  • 4. Water guns!

    Please don't pick this one. Its cold in New York in November. And my hair frizzes like that of a New Jersey Housewife when it gets wet.

  • 5. A Pie to Smush in Someone's Face

    This one is John's idea. If you pick this, then they may be a run off vote to decide whose face we smush. Although I've already said that I will not allow him to smush a pie in Amanda's face (TigerBeat 4eva). So... maybe pick something else? I don't want to be mean.

  • 6. You Pick!

    We'll listen to you! You decide! Again -- nothing mean. This is a celebration of Internet friendship.