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Adorable Halloween Costumes for Babies

Halloween serves three main purposes: 1. Giving women the opportunity to dress in disgusting and degrading costumes 2. CANDY! and 3. Allowing parents to dress their kids up in embarrassing costumes before they're old enough to complain. Below please find an homage to the latter:

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  • Boiled Lobster!

    Yes, there is pretty much no way my children are escaping this one

  • Spock

    Veronica, this has you all over it.

  • Princess Leia

    I think we can consider this a prequel to the slutty Leia

  • Kittens!

    Aka Jack's future baby (NOTE: Ladies, are you looking to pick up Jack this Halloween? If so, try, um, this on for size)

  • Dr. Horrible

    The expression says it all: He wanted to be spiderman, just like all of the other little boys in his class. But his parents went with an Internet phenomenon he's never heard of.