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10 Reasons to Follow Peter Gallagher

Great news everyone! Noted actor, singer and father-figure Peter Gallagher joined twitter! Here are 10 reasons why you should follow him.

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  • 1. He Starred in "Center Stage"

    Center Stage is one of the Greatest Movies of Our Time. Fact.

  • 2. He was the dad in the O.C.

    Following Peter Gallagher is like having Chrismukkah every day.

  • 3. He was in "Virtual Obsession"

    This movie is about a super smart scientist in the future who creates a robot that controls energy and a hot lady scientist who tries to download her brain into the Internet. If you follow Peter Gallagher on twitter, perhaps he'll explain the movie to you.

  • 4. He has Amazing Eyebrows

    If Peter Gallagher's eyebrows had their own twitter account, I'd follow that too.

  • 5. He was in "To Gillian on her 37th Birthday."

    While I don't know what this movie is about, the title is perhaps the best title of a movie ever.

  • 6. He was in "House on Haunted Hill"

    My first date was going to see this movie. I was in 9th grade. The date was not nearly as epic as Peter Gallagher's performance.

  • 7. He and his Wife got Married in 1983

    Which is a really long time ago. And she seems really nice. And potentially taught ballet in Lindsey's hometown. Which speaks to the fact that he's probably a nice guy in real life.

  • 8. He is a Little Unsure of Twitter

    So you should follow him and tweet nice things at him.

  • 9. He was in "While You Were Sleeping"

    The next time you're home sick and "While you Were Sleeping" comes on TNT, you can tweet "Watching While You Were Sleeping. @petergallagher_ is incredible in this film!"

  • 10. He was in "Center Stage"

    Yes, I said this already. But it's worth saying again. Honestly, this is the only reason you need.