Tracee Ellis Ross Got Real About The Societal Pressures Of Getting Married, And It's Relatable AF

    “Our society spoon-feeds it to you."

    Tracee Ellis Ross is single and fabulous!

    The actor opened up about the possibility of getting married during a recent interview with Marie Claire.

    “Our society spoon-feeds it to you. I used to put myself to sleep dreaming of my wedding,” she explained. “And I would still love all of that, but what am I going to do, just sit around waiting?”

    “Shut up,” Ross continued. “I’ve got so many things to do.”

    Ross also talked about being single in her forties during a previous interview with Good Morning America.

    "People misinterpret being happily single as not wanting to be in a relationship," she said. "Of course I want to be in a relationship, but what am I going to do?"

    "Spend all the time that I’m not [in one] moping around? No,” Ross added. “I’m going to live my life to the fullest, and I’m going to be happy right here, where I am."

    Ross has accomplished so much in her life, and she continues to show the younger generation that there are many more things to look forward to than getting married and having kids.