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    Thanks To Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes Is No Longer Having A Hard Time Dealing With Fame

    "He's gone through a lot and I feel like he's really come out on the other end."

    According to Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber has taught him everything he's learned about dealing with fame.

    In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shawn talked about Justin's influence on him. "He's gone through a lot and I feel like he's really come out on the other end in a place where he realizes how much of a blessing it is to do what we do for a living ... And on top of that, he also realizes that there is darkness and there are heavy things that happen in our career."

    "But the truth is that in any industry it's the same thing. And I feel like from him, there's this constant conversation of like, 'I'm grateful, we're blessed, look at what's going on around us,'" Shawn continued.

    From talking with Justin, Shawn learned how to be grateful for everything in his life, even though fame can overwhelm him sometimes.

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    "I even woke up this morning and I had a lot on my schedule and I reminded myself like, 'Oh, all I'm doing is getting on a Zoom call to be like I made an album about things that I love. And talk about things that mean something to me,'" Shawn said.

    "And really, [compared] to what I could be doing, I'm doing something that is from heaven."

    According to Shawn, he and Justin both took what they learned from being in the spotlight and put it in their new song "Monster."

    Thanks to their genius, the song is still climbing the charts after it was released on November 20th! You can watch the music video for it here.

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