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    Serena Williams And Daughter Olympia's Latest Matching Moment Is So, So Sweet

    “Not all Superhero women wear capes.... but we do.”

    Serena Williams and her daughter, Olympia, don't miss any opportunity to play dress-up in matching outfits — and it's always adorable.

    Their latest coordinated moment was on a trip to the beach. For the occasion, the mother-daughter duo wore white capes behind their swimsuits, and the moment was so cute that Serena shared a photo of it on Instagram.

    “Not all Superhero women wear capes.... but we do,” she captioned the pic while also tagging her daughter.

    Even though Olympia is only 3-years-old, she already has 606,000 followers on Instagram.

    What an influencer!

    Serena shares her kid with her husband, Alexis Ohanian, who is also the co-founder of Reddit.

    When the trio have some down-time, they love to post family pictures on Instagram, and fans especially love it when Serena and Olympia put on their matching outfits at home.

    Back in August, Serena raved about her daughter having her back when Olympia helped her zip up her costume.

    “She’s got my back already. And I’ll always have hers,” the athlete wrote in caption.

    But that’s not all. During quarantine, Serena and Olympia dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast to keep themselves occupied.

    Serena and Olympia continue to be mother-daughter goals.