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    Serena Williams And Her Adorable Daughter Wore Mommy-And-Me Necklaces, And We're Still Not Over It

    The beyond between these two is too cute.

    Serena Williams and her daughter, Olympia, are one of the cutest mother-daughter duos on Instagram.

    Not only do they take amazing pictures, but they also love to dress alike.

    Recently, Serena had another twinning moment with her daughter when they took a photo wearing matching necklaces from her self-titled jewelry line.

    She captioned the pic, "Office mommy and me vibes with @olympiaohanian."

    How sweet!

    This necklace is very special to Serena because it's a part of her By My Side collection, which was “inspired by [her] love for [her] daughter and [her] Mama."

    As we know, Serena's family is a huge part of her life and she continues to show Olympia different ways women can succeed in the workplace.

    But for Serena, it's all in a day's work. She tries to be a good example for Olympia because she wants her daughter to know about leadership.

    "Being a mom is super important, but also being a leader so my daughter can look at me and say, 'This is what my mom did,'" Serena once told Anna Wintour. "I aspire to do that and I want to be better."

    "It's really important [for] me to inspire the next generation because that's what the future is," Serena added.

    Olympia is going to have quite a lot of inspiration in her life with Serena as her mom.