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    Salma Hayek Was Told It Was "Impossible" For Her To "Have A Leading Role In Hollywood"

    "They told me a Mexican is never going to make it."

    Even though Salma Hayek is legendary, she was told she wouldn’t find success in Hollywood because of her age and nationality.

    “They told me my career would die mid-thirties," Hayek said while promoting her new movie, Bliss. "First of all, they told me a Mexican is never going to make it, because at the time, the new generations, it was impossible for a Mexican to have a leading role in Hollywood."

    “It was like this strange reality that now has become a normality," she continued. "But not at the time."

    “I think it’s great, I’m proud of it, I want to shout it to the world because I was told so many times it couldn’t happen and I almost believed them, but I fought it and I won,” she said.

    Now, Hayek wants other women to understand that “late blooming” can be a “beautiful thing” in life because it takes the “pressure” off.

    “We’re not ‘over’ at this time, or at another time," she said. "If you’re creative and enthusiastic and curious about life, life can be exciting forever, the entire time."

    And she's the living embodiment of that!

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