Salma Hayek Hilariously Recalled Partying With Angelina Jolie On Her Birthday

    Salma and Angelina had a blast!

    Remember when Angelina Jolie tried to smash Salma Hayek’s face into a cake for her 55th birthday?

    That video was epic!

    Weeks later, Salma recalled that funny clip during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live — and she explained how their goofy encounter came to be.

    “There was no birthday party,” Salma explained about her get-together. “All of those people were crashers. I said, ‘I don’t want a birthday party this year. I had to work all day.’

    She continued, “Twenty-five people that I told ... there is no birthday party showed up anyway.”

    Salma explained that Angelina probably showed up at her house because she felt “sorry for [her] loneliness.” But when she got there, she learned all about Mexican birthday traditions, like la mordida.

    “After you blow the candles, you have to — 'mordida' means ‘a bite’ — you have to bite the cake with your mouth without your hands holding or anything,” Salma explained about the video.

    “And then there’s always [someone] that comes and hits you and sticks your face inside the cake,” she continued.

    But when Angelina heard that she was going to take part in the tradition, she had a few reservations.

    “We told [Angelina] that I was going to bite and that the tradition was this, and she says, ‘No, no. Oh no, I cannot do that,’” Salma said. Fortunately, “She got over the nos.”

    What I would have given to be there. Sounds like everyone had a grand time!