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    Nick Jonas Asked Kevin Jonas To Call Priyanka Chopra After He Cracked His Rib In A Bike Accident

    "Who do you give your phone to call your wife in a time of crisis?"

    Remember when Nick Jonas cracked his rib in a bike accident earlier this month while filming Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers?

    During a recent appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Nick said his brothers Joe and Kevin Jonas both witnessed the accident, and he had to decide carefully which one of them should call his wife to tell her that he was alright.

    "Basically I was there, and the medics were kind of attending to me. I was about to be put on the gurney to get into the ambulance, and obviously I had to call Priyanka, my wife, to say this has happened, but obviously I wasn't really in a spot where I could talk to her," he said.

    "So it was a choice between Joe and Kevin. Who do you give your phone to call your wife in a time of crisis?" Nick continued. "And I gave it to Kevin."

    "It's kind of telling," Kevin added. "I was really calm, collected — I think it has something to do with being a father, seeing children fall all the time.”

    Kevin is a dad to two kids, Alena and Valentina, and Joe is a father of one to a beautiful daughter he shares with Sophie Turner.

    Kevin explained that Nick’s bike accident was similar to his experience with being a parent.

    "Well, they fall on their bikes; it's a big deal in the moment,” he said. “But if you get freaked out, then they get more freaked out, so I try to stay extremely calm.”

    "You told Nick 'Just walk it off. You'll be fine,'" Joe jokingly added, as Nick said, "And I have the same emotional maturity as his 5-year-old."

    Thankfully, Nick is already on the road to recovery. If he gets into another accident, then he knows which one of his brothers to call.

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