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    Nick Jonas Says He'd "Love To Hear Why" Fans Might've Not Liked His New Album

    "I've had success for quite a long time."

    Nick Jonas doesn't need anyone to tell him who he is.

    The singer opened up about the idea that he might be “underrated” following the release of his fourth studio album, Spaceman, on March 12.

    "I don't think I'm underrated," he told L'Officiel USA in a new interview. "I've got room to grow and get better every day."

    "It's most artists' dream to be respected and be awarded by their peers,” Jonas continued. “In some ways, I feel like I have been. In others, I don't.”

    “I'm not going to assume that's because they don't get [my work], but perhaps I need to get better and push the envelope, push myself."

    Jonas also wondered if some of his fans didn’t love his album because he’s finally at a point in his life where he’s “happy.”

    "I've had success for quite a long time,” he said. “Anyone is entitled to their own opinion of my art or something I have done.”

    “If they think it's bad, I'd love to hear why," the singer added. "And not because they think that I'm happy, that seems like a pretty asinine way to say that."

    Jonas also noted that it’s probably best to “never take advice from the people you don’t respect” because “there certainly wouldn't be a thing where they would say [your work] isn't good and the reason is because you are happy."

    In the end, Jonas is happy and that’s all that matters.