Mindy Kaling Said She Enjoyed Her Second Pregnancy Way More Than Her First And I Honestly Get Why

    "It was a real gift to be pregnant during the pandemic."

    Mindy Kaling enjoyed her second pregnancy with son Spencer way more than her first.

    The Monsters at Work actor said she had a better time being pregnant with Spencer than daughter Katherine because she carried him during the coronavirus pandemic.

    "It was a real gift to be pregnant during the pandemic," Kaling told Access.

    "I felt really scrutinized during my first pregnancy, and I think that it was such a joy to spend the last seven months of my pregnancy under the cover of just nobody was out; nobody was taking photos."

    Kaling enjoyed her privacy so much that she secretly welcomed Spencer last September. The Locked Down star didn’t announce his birth until she made an October 2020 appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

    The world was pleasantly surprised. Kaling’s home life had changed a lot, and the actor’s daughter also had to learn how to be a big sister.

    "I think the sharing of the resources and the toys is a little bit hard for her, as it would be for anybody, but she's definitely coming around," Kaling said.

    "I think it probably helps that her little brother just like adores her," she continued. "All he wants to do is crawl up under her and be close to her."

    This whole experience should teach the paparazzi that they should give people more space to live their lives freely, especially pregnant women.