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    Melissa McCarthy Shared A Super-Motivating Letter She Wrote To Herself "Years Ago"

    "Go all in [because] you will never get back today."

    Melissa McCarthy shared a sweet moment with her fans on Instagram.

    The actor posted an old letter she wrote to herself “years ago” that was packed with tons of positive life advice.

    The note included a bunch of helpful tips like, “A walk of shame can be character building,” “call Mom,” and “it’s OK to cry it out.”

    She also gave herself some relationship advice and wrote, “In 10 years, you WILL NOT remember his name.”

    However, the best tip was “Just eat the damn cookie.” LOL.

    McCarthy’s fans also got a hoot out of her last three tips. They said, “Please listen to that little voice inside your head,” “For the love of God, buy both pairs of shoes,” and “GO ALL IN [because] you’ll never get back today.”

    McCarthy captioned her post, “Found this note I wrote to myself years ago ... still stands.”

    Such great advice! McCarthy has now inspired me to write a letter to my future self. I hope I’ll follow my tips accordingly.