Megan Thee Stallion Opened Up About What It's Like To Go To College As A Famous Rapper

    "School has kept me grounded."

    Imagine attending Texas Southern University alongside Megan Thee Stallion, who is studying health administration.

    It might seem a little intimidating, but when the rapper is on campus, she’s nothing but humble.

    "School has kept me grounded," the "Thot Shit" rapper recently told People. "I might have an amazing night but knowing I have to finish a paper, project or my homework to graduate, keeps my head on straight.”

    Megan won’t have to worry about doing her schoolwork for long because she plans on graduating from TSU in the fall.

    And once she graduates, she plans on opening up an “elder care facility to help the elderly.”

    “I can't wait to get with my classmates and put everyone to work helping our grandparents,” she previously told E! News.

    In order to do it all, Megan has been relying on her team to keep her focused on school and her music.

    "I juggle it all with my great team, and I have really great time management,” she said. “It is also really important to take time for what is important."

    Megan has a lot of great plans for the future, and her degree will help her achieve a lot of them.