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    Maren Morris Praised "Mom Bellies" All Over The World With A Photo Of Herself In A Bodycon Dress

    "In this house, we stan mom bellies."

    Maren Morris is all about her postpartum body!

    She recently posted a photo of herself in a tight velvet dress and captioned it, "In this house we stan mom bellies."

    Twitter: @MarenMorris

    Fans loved Maren's post so much that they gushed about it on Twitter.

    @MarenMorris Amen and Amen. You carried and gave birth to a miracle. You are beautiful and strong. Mommas should ALL embrace their own beauty and support each other!!!! Thank you for sharing!

    Twitter: @daye_virostek

    @MarenMorris Bellies, thighs, minds, all of it is gorgeous. You are a QUEEN!!

    Twitter: @smgirl77

    @MarenMorris We do!!! I mean it got you the cutest little boy, so it’s basically body part number 1 💯

    Twitter: @dutch_swifties

    Maren's post comes nearly two years after she welcomed her son, Hayes, in March 2020 with husband Ryan Hurd.

    One year after Maren gave birth, her personal trainer, Erin Oprea, shared how the music artist has been embracing her postpartum body: “She doesn’t have this ‘I want to bounce back kind of mentality,’ which I freaking love, after having a baby,” Erin told Us Weekly. “She has this ‘I want to feel good, but I still want to love life.’ And I think it’s cool. My goal for her [is] slow and steady, enjoy the journey.”

    “I think with Maren, she is 100% comfortable with who she is and where [she’s] at, with her body and her own skin,” Erin added.

    “Her goal is to feel good and to put on her clothes and just keep her confidence. She’s competent. She looks beautiful. She feels amazing.”

    In October 2019, Maren announced that she was expecting a child with Ryan when she shared a photo of him looking at her while she cradled her baby bump.

    "The irony is just too rich that after a year of living in the 'GIRL' headspace, the universe would give us a baby boy to even things out," she said in the caption. "See you in 2020, little one."

    Two years later, Maren is loving mom life...and she is so right; we should all be celebrating postpartum bodies and showing off our "mom bellies"!