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    Maren Morris Threw Her Son A "Peter Rabbit"–Themed Birthday Party, And It's Just As Great As You'd Imagine

    "Welcome to Mr. McGregor's Garden."

    Maren Morris went all out for her son Hayes Andrews’ first birthday party.

    She threw him a Peter Rabbit–themed celebration and shared all the cute pictures on her Instagram story.

    @marenmorris / Via Instagram: @marenmorris

    In one pic, Maren showed off a sign she re-created from the series. It read, "Welcome to Mr. McGregor's Garden. No Rabbits Allowed."

    @marenmorris / Via Instagram: @marenmorris

    The singer also decorated the rest of her house with white and blue balloons, pastel-colored flowers, and a floral-print tablecloth.

    @marenmorris / Via Instagram: @marenmorris

    There was also a yummy-looking carrot cake surrounded by beautifully decorated cupcakes.

    @marenmorris / Via Instagram: @marenmorris

    In another pic, she showed Hayes taking a bite out of his cake.

    @marenmorris / Via Instagram: @marenmorris

    In March 2020, Maren welcomed Hayes with her husband, Ryan Hurd.

    Love of our lives,” she said at the time in a since-deleted Instagram post.

    And a lovely first birthday party, too.

    @marenmorris / Via Instagram: @marenmorris

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