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    Mandy Moore Was Going To Have Surgery Before She Realized She Was Pregnant

    "It would have been a game changer had I had that information."

    Mandy Moore is expecting her first child with her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, and while she's thrilled to be pregnant, she didn't anticipate that it would happen so soon.

    The actor told Romper her pregnancy was “unexpected” because her doctors suspected she had endometriosis. Endometriosis is a chronic reproductive condition that occurs when tissue similar to—but not the same as—the uterine lining grows elsewhere in the body. "I was fully prepared to go have surgery and hopefully get rid of the endometriosis, if it was there," she said. "It was nice to have a plan and to know 'OK, well this is why I haven't been pregnant yet.'"

    Just when Moore started getting ready for the surgery, that’s when she realized she didn’t need it. The “Crush” singer learned she was pregnant with a baby boy.

    "I guess I understand why doctors tell you, like, 'Oh, just try for a year, and then if nothing happens, you can start sort of investigating,'" Moore said. "But I was like, man, I wish I had known before. It would have been a game changer had I had that information."

    Now, Moore is getting ready to welcome her first baby with Goldsmith. She said she wants to "raise an intelligent, feminist, loving, compassionate young man, who respects women, and who understands boundaries."

    And with parents like Moore and Goldsmith, their baby will have everything he needs to learn to be compassionate.