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    Lauren Graham Revealed What It's Really Like To Be Neighbors With Dax Shepard

    “He has this thing..."

    Having a celebrity as a neighbor can be a unique experience — especially when you, too, are a celebrity.

    Lauren Graham attends the Women In Entertainment's 4th Annual Summit at the Skirball Cultural Center
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    Lauren Graham revealed what it's like to live in the same neighborhood as her Parenthood costar Dax Shepard during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

     (L to R) Erika Christensen as Julia Braverman-Graham, Peter Krause as Adam Braverman, Bonnie Bedelia as Camille Braverman, Craig T. Nelson as Zeek Braverman, Lauren Graham as Sarah Braverman, Dax Shepard as Crosby Braverman
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    “He has this thing that I assumed was just for these times, which is the most massive band tour bus you’ve ever seen,” she explained. “I pass this [thing] every day and I’m like, ‘Gosh, when are they going to get rid of [that] bus?’”

    To her surprise, Graham said she found out that Shepard was never going to get rid of it. “He bought that,” she explained.

    Graham also noticed that Shepard has a strange landscaping strategy.

    “He basically took what others might consider to be the front lawn and turned it into a massive driveway for all his cars,” the actor said.

    Kimmel joked, “Paved paradise and put up a parking lot?”

    “Literally,” she replied. LOL.

    Lauren Graham attends the 'Gilmore Girls' fan event at Admiralspalast
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    But after living in the same neighborhood with Shepard and his family for quite some time, Graham said that she’s learned to love the Hit and Run star for who he is.

    “He rides around topless on a motorcycle,” she revealed. “You have to just love him. He’s my brother.”

    Aww! Maybe Graham will love the tour bus more if Shepard took her and her husband, Peter, for a ride in it more often.

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