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    Lana Condor Talked About The Possibility Of Appearing In Anna Cathcart's "To All The Boys" Netflix Spinoff Series

    "I love the To All the Boys world more than I think people understand."

    Lana Condor isn’t done with To All the Boys.

    The actor said she would love to star in the movie’s spinoff series that’s still in early development at Netflix.

    ICYMI, the streaming platform is working on creating a show about Anna Cathcart’s character, Kitty. Cathcart played Condor’s little sister in To All the Boys.

    "I would absolutely support anything that Anna Cathcart does because I think she's amazing and I think she did such a great job with Kitty," Condor told Entertainment Tonight of her costar.

    "I love the To All the Boys world more than I think people understand," she continued. "Like I, myself, am a huge fan, so I'm always open to visiting that universe again because it was one that was really kind and beautiful."

    Although Condor adored the franchise, she said it would probably be unlikely that her and love interest Noah Centineo’s characters would stay together in college.

    "I kinda have this feeling that they're not gonna make it through college, but they're gonna come back!" she said. "It's gonna be fine. Everything's gonna be fine, when they're like 40."

    I’m sure fans can’t wait for the spinoff series to air. If Condor returns as Lara Jean, then the show will already be off to a good start!