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    Kim Kardashian Explained How Her Vatican Outfit Didn't Break Any Rules

    Kim thought of everything.

    Kim Kardashian stopped her haters right in their tracks.

    Before they could even say anything about her latest outfit, the mom of four assured her Insta followers that she abided by the dress code when she took a private tour of the Vatican in Rome.

    Kim wore an off-the-shoulder white lace dress with midriff cutouts to the historic building, and once inside, she covered her shoulders with a black leather jacket.

    “We had the most incredible experience touring Vatican City @vaticanmuseums,” Kardashian wrote on Instagram next to a few pics of herself in Rome. “It was amazing to be able to view all of the iconic art, architecture and ancient Roman sculptures in person, especially Michelangelo’s works.”

    She continued, “We even had an opportunity to view their private archive of robes worn by every pope in history, dating back to the 1500’s. Thank you @ocspecial for arranging the visit.”

    Kim added, “(Don’t worry, I adhered to the dress code and fully covered up while inside St. Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel’s).”

    The KKW Beauty founder wore some of her best outfits when touring Rome. At the Colosseum, she sported a pair of boxer-style shorts and a ribbed white top.

    Then she changed into a brown-and-black sleeveless minidress to go to the iconic Trevi Fountain.

    No matter where Kim goes, she always treats it like it’s a big fashion show!