Kendall Jenner Got Real About Her "Addictive" Relationship With Social Media

    "There really is no escaping it."

    Kendall Jenner opened up about her relationship with social media in a new episode of Vogue's Open Minded: Unpacking Anxiety series.

    "My relationship with social media is a bit addictive right now, which I don't like, and I'm not proud to say that," she said.

    "But I also feel like that's something that probably most of us can relate to."

    Jenner, who has over 163 million followers on Instagram, said she also understands how bad social media can be for one’s mental health.

    "Something that boils my blood, that really frustrates me and I think upsets me the most is when it's someone claiming a false narrative for me," she admitted. "The internet, I guess, bases things off of such small moments with no context.”

    “They don't know the before or the after, and they'll take that and run with it and then completely judge you off of this one little thing,” Jenner continued.

    The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star explained that social media has caused her to have “moments” where she feels like “breaking or feeling like [she] can't take it anymore because sometimes it does feel like…[she] can never do anything right."

    "I don't like that I feel the need to have social media in the first place," Jenner admitted.

    But as most celebs know, she added, "There really is no escaping it."