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    Keke Palmer Showed Off Her Natural Hair And Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

    Keke is a natural beauty!

    Keke Palmer is glowing, now more than ever.

    In her latest selfie, the True Jackson, VP star put her natural beauty on full display.

    It's gorgeous, and the best part about the snap is that Keke is showing off her natural hair.

    Keke's fans were in awe of how great she looks and jumped into the comments to let her know.

    Keke’s natural look is very different from the way she normally wears her hair.

    Earlier this year, when she was announced as the host of the 2020 VMAs, the “Got Em Mad” singer wore her hair straight with half up and half of it down.

    More recently, Keke wore her hair in a long braid when she posted a few selfies by the pool.

    Although Keke has rocked many looks, she says it took her a while to embrace her natural hair. Back in June of 2018, she recalled a time when she felt “embarrassed” after a friend saw her in her “natural state.”

    "How foolish of me, why should I ever be embarrassed of who God made me to be?” Keke wrote on Instagram. “For my characters I am flexible, and I feel there is no problem with a weave or a wig or extension every now and then! It’s fun. 😍"

    "But I had to check myself when I actually felt that I, in some way, wasn’t 'dressed' because I had no wig on. Or that, because I’m not in my own country, I can feel more 'free' to rock my own hair,” she continued.

    “One should feel free at all times! To all my girls out there, we are beautiful at all times but ESPECIALLY in our natural state!! We should never get so caught up in the 'play' that we get disappointed in the R E A L."

    Amen to that!