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    Halle Berry Opened Up About Getting "Frustrated" When People Assume That She's Had It Easy Because Of Her Looks

    "This is another battle I fought my whole life."

    Halle Berry is so much more than a pretty face.

    During a new interview with the New York Times, the actor said she hates when people think she hasn’t had any hardships in life because of the way she looks.

    "This is another battle I fought my whole life. That because I look a certain way that I've been spared any hardship,” she said.

    “I've had loss and pain and a lot of hurt in my life. I've had abuse in my life," Berry added. "I get really frustrated when people think because I look a certain way that I haven't had any of those real-life experiences because I absolutely have."

    "This hasn't spared me one heartbreak or heartache or fearful or tearful moment, trust me,” she continued.

    In 1996, Berry opened up about being abused by her ex-boyfriend. She said he once hit her so hard that her eardrum punctured.

    In 2015, Berry also talked about experiencing domestic abuse in her family.

    “I saw my mother battered and beaten many years of my life, and I felt helpless,” she said at the “Imagine” VIP cocktail party to benefit the Jenesse Center — a national domestic violence prevention and intervention organization.

    “And that’s what connects me to this organization,” she said. “I have an understanding, a knowing. I feel like I have something that I can impart to these women.”

    “It seems like I’ve overcome it, but I really haven’t. In the quiet of my mind, I still struggle. So while I’m helping these women, I’m helping myself through it too. And that’s largely why I’m here.”

    Berry is living proof that you should never judge a book by its cover.