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    Demi Lovato Got Real About Living With Her Bestie

    “Let's normalize that, you know?"

    Demi Lovato is taking care of herself after ending her engagement to Max Ehrich.

    The singer recently revealed on The Drew Barrymore Show, that she’s currently living with her best friend.

    "I am living with one of my best friends," Lovato said. "I was engaged to a dude and almost [got married]. And I was like, 'That's not the life for me.'”

    “I want to have fun and I want to live with my friends,” she continued. “Let's normalize that, you know."

    Lovato agreed with Barrymore when the host said that some of the “happiest moments” in her life was when she was with her friends.

    Demi also recalled a great time she had with her roomie one day when they did nothing else but watch TV.

    "I came home one day after doing interviews and photoshoots and whatnot, and she was like, 'So Demi, you've been doing rockstar shit all day. You wanna do some normal shit?'” Lovato jokingly recalled. “I was like, 'Yes!' That's what I want.”

    “Then we put on Grey's Anatomy and The Walking Dead and it was over from there.” she continued.

    That's what friends are for!