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    Christina Milian Will Take Over Naya Rivera's "Incredible" Role In "Step Up"

    "I know I have massive shoes to fill. Naya was incredible."

    Christina Milian has a new job. The Love Don’t Cost a Thing actor will take over Naya Rivera’s role as Collette in Starz’s Step Up.

    "I am so excited to join the Step Up family," Milian said in a statement. "I know I have massive shoes to fill. Naya was incredible. I hope to honor Naya, her family, friends and fans with a great performance."

    Rivera played Collette for the first two seasons of the series until she died in a boating accident in July 2020.

    Starz / Via

    "There is no replacing Naya. Let's get that straight,” singer Ne-Yo, who plays Sage in the show, also said in the statement. “Her spirit lives on in our memories and every part of what this show is and will be."

    "Christina has big shoes to fill and she knows it, which speaks to her poise and respect as a person and an artist,” he added.

    Milian will play Ne-Yo’s love interest in the series, and he said he’s “certain” she can “bring an energy and light” to her character.

    "We've welcomed Christina with absolute open arms and have rallied around her with love and support,” the musician noted. “I'm excited and can't wait for the world to see this!"

    There’s no official date on when Step Up Season 3 will premiere, but when it does, you can expect Milian to do her absolute best in her new role.

    Starz / Via

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