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    Bindi Irwin's Daughter Grace Irwin Had The Cutest Reaction To Bindi Singing And Dancing With Her

    "Sound on!"

    Bindi Irwin has a knack for making her daughter smile!

    Earlier today, Chandler Powell shared a cute video on Instagram of his wife singing the names of the 50 US states to their kid.

    “Sound on! 🔊,” he captioned the post. “Our little Grace Warrior learning about her dad’s home country from her beautiful mama.”

    “P.S. Bindi wanted to send a shoutout to New Hampshire!” he added. “Grace’s laugh was too adorable to remember every state!”

    Grace’s laugh was the highlight of the video! Every time Irwin mentioned a new state, she giggled and started moving her hands.

    In a previous interview with Entertainment Tonight, Robert Irwin revealed how baby Grace is doing.

    "She's at that age now where she's really reacting to things, you know, when she sees a new animal,” he said.

    “We met a koala for the first time the other day, and her little face, she was all kinds of sleepy, and she saw that koala, and her face just lit up — the biggest smile — and it was amazing."

    Grace is learning so much at the zoo. By the time she starts school, she’ll already know the names of her favorite animals and all of the US states.

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