Bindi Irwin Talked About About Her "Amazing" Experience Breastfeeding Baby Grace

    "It's really, really amazing to be able to have that closeness."

    Bindi Irwin is figuring out motherhood one step at a time.

    During a new interview with People, the Crikey! It’s the Irwins star opened up about what it’s been like to breastfeed her daughter.

    "It's a learning curve," Irwin said. "You want to make sure your baby is full, and you're learning as a new mom as well. It was the most exciting moment when she figured out how to latch properly."

    Irwin explained that breastfeeding her daughter has brought them even closer together.

    "It's really, really amazing to be able to have that closeness," she said. "This little bond that you have with them that is just extraordinary."

    However, Irwin knows that breastfeeding isn’t for everyone, and she accepts the different options that are out there for moms.

    "It's so nice to have so many options now," she said. "I think that in this day and age, it's so important as a mother to encourage other moms.”

    “Everybody has a different journey when it comes to feeding their baby, and it's so important to be supportive of everybody,” the wildlife warrior added.

    "As you become a mom you enter this club," she continued. "And it's unlike anything else in the world, and everybody has different advice and thoughts."

    “I think that as anything else, it's just about supporting each other and being encouraging with one another because everybody has a different journey when it comes to raising their baby, especially with feeding."

    It’s nice to know that Irwin has found a great way to bond with her kid. You can already tell that baby Grace is so fond of her mama!