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    Amy Schumer Jokingly Called Out Natalie Portman Over Her "Nice" Parenting Advice

    Amy told it like it was.

    Fact: Amy Schumer is one of the world's funniest parents. And she reminded everyone of that during a recent appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

    When Seth Meyers asked Amy if she thinks she's a good mom, the Snatched star hilariously replied, “No,” and then proceeded to tell a story about the parenting advice she's received from Natalie Portman.

    "It's interesting. You don't know how good you're going to be of a parent," Amy said, before adding, "I got some nice advice from Natalie Portman, who was like, 'You have more instincts than you know you have.’”

    “And what I'm finding is that Natalie Portman is a huge liar. Because so far, my instincts are all wrong,” she jokingly continued.

    Amy revealed her instincts tell her to leave her baby with the nanny and try to “sneak out” of the house. But since reading the book How Toddlers Thrive, she's stopped doing it.

    "This book, like page one, is like, 'Whatever you do, don't sneak out. That's really bad for your child,'" she said. "I'm like, 'OK.'”

    Ultimately, Amy says she's learning how to take care of her child through trial and error: "You just have to live and learn."

    Luckily for all of us, we get to follow along on her journey.