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    Amanda Seyfried Recalled Having An "Extra Level Of Trauma" When She Gave Birth To Her Son

    "It added an extra level of trauma.”

    Amanda Seyfried didn’t have the easiest delivery when she gave birth to her son last year.

    The Things Heard & Seen actor recalled the worst part of her delivery during a recent interview with People magazine.

    "I had something that went wrong with my second birth,” she said. “The baby was OK, but it was tricky and it was painful, and it didn't have to happen and it did, so it added an extra level of trauma.”

    In September 2020, Amanda welcomed her son with husband Thomas Sadoski. She said that after her little one was born and she was still recovering, the hospital started sending her a ton of medical bills.

    “I went to the doctor every week at the end of my pregnancy, and all of sudden it’s like, ‘Bye, here’s some hospital bills!’” Amanda explained. “I mean, I kept receiving them and I’m still healing from something.”

    However, the Mean Girls actor said that she’s OK now and is doing better every single day. “It was a very physical thing and it was a spinal thing, but I'm OK."

    Now Amanda is learning how to take care of two young kids at home. She has a beautiful baby boy and an older daughter named Nina, whom she also shares with Thomas.

    Amanda talked about what it’s been like to juggle her kids while also dealing with her spinal challenges. "You just do,” she said.

    “At that point, I'm very freshly out of the hospital, I had to feed him, my husband was with my daughter, and I had people that could drive me back to the hospital."

    Thankfully, Amanda has all the help she needs at home.