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    Alex Rodriguez And His Daughter Natasha Just Proved They Can Be Jennifer Lopez's Backup Dancers

    "I love when you dance."

    Jennifer Lopez isn't the only dancer in the family. The singer’s fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, showed off his moves when he tackled her viral TikTok challenge with his 15-year-old daughter, Natasha.

    While looking at her dance to her new hit single, “Pa’ Ti,” the father-daughter duo copied Jennifer moves and gave it their best shot.

    Fans couldn’t get enough of Alex slapping his hips while his oldest daughter acted like a mini J. Lo.

    Of course they did such a great job that A-Rod shared the clip on his Instagram account, and within a day it got over 1 million views!

    “This is how excited I am about game 7!!!” the former baseball player captioned the video. “How’d I do, @jlo.”

    After seeing his post, the “Get Right” singer said, “I love when you dance.” Aww!

    In March 2019, J. Lo and A-Rod took the next step in their relationship when they got engaged after two years of dating. Alex gifted Jennifer a gorgeous emerald-cut diamond when he took her on a romantic vacation to the Bahamas.

    Since then, the duo have talked about how crazy it’s been planning their wedding during the coronavirus pandemic. But even though times have been hard for them as a family, they’ve been keeping each other occupied by making a ton of TikTok videos at home.

    Back in March, J. Lo and A-Rod kept everything laughing when they attempted the “Flip the Switch” challenge. In just 12 seconds fans got to see Alex dance like J. Lo in a skin tight dress.

    If anything, this is exactly what TikTok was made for!