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Tussle Against Memes “The Power Of Repusurance”

On social media, youth are grabbing hold on the memes production by proving that universal beliefs aren’t just an academic brooding; an open challenge to online reputation management

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Repusurance is one of the oldest and trusted companies which deal in managing the online reputation of any firm or a person itself. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youtube and so on are being used to insult people even if they don’t have any link grudges or link to them. From prime minister to cricketer, from actors to artist or from rich to poor everyone is being dragged under the useless memes. Memes are made just for the entertainment purposes, to make people laugh and live that moment but do you find it justifying anywhere by insulting our own people just to gain some traffic on your post and yes, of course, to earn money by posting it on YouTube.

People think how and why do we need Repusurance so here I will share some global examples in which each and every person reading this might have to get involved by liking the meme or sharing it or even by laughing on it.

Heroes are zeroes!!

According to some meme makers on social media the one who is representing India as MR. PRIME MINISTER is just a joke, they made him a travel agent and some made him an adhar card agent. Oh, hold on! “Sakhat launda” is the word used for our beloved prime minister.

Bang on!! People who never stepped out of their room will make memes on the one who is the hero of our nation. And a person from such a strong political background seems Pappu to the one who hardly even know how to spell politics.

Let’s move forward to the world of cricket; our beloved player just warned some people to wear a helmet for their safety purposes and memes maker turned it into a condom mimic. I need to ask how many of you reading this have guts to say in front of their family this condom word. Another recent incident and one of the most popular one also is wedding scene; if some is sharing their wedding pictures that don’t mean you will create a meme by asking them to post their honeymoon pictures. Ok, why not we make a rule that a meme maker will also share their private moments and then he has the right to ask others. Double mazaa!!

Global fun it is!!

Let’s talk about our well known American president, according to meme makers he seems them like a duck and has a banana-shaped hair. I am pretty sure that these people are working in a zoo and representing their culture. I guess it’s none of anyone’s business to comment on ex-president’s daughter smokes, that’s her personal matter who are you to judge. That also reminds me of a Pakistani actress smoking and wearing a backless dress was trolled so bad that no one bothered to think even how difficult it is for a single parent (woman) to maintain that position worldwide. How come miss world is left behind, oh my god she is representing the whole world it is must troll her.

Global Social problems are socially trolled:

According to these troll makers, Pakistan and India is a global meme have you ever ask your grandparents about it who have spent their half of the life before partition. Let’s talk about Syrian attacks people trolled it so much that they even forgot that your country, your people could also face the same anytime.

It’s a Lie behind the truth!!

That viral video of a 13-year-old boy Kamlesh from Bhopal India, where he is talking blatantly about his drug addiction was not made for getting trolled, neither that video was interviewed by anyone on the personal basis, it was just a part of a documentary ‘nashebaaz’ made by Dheeraj Sharma in 2016.

The truth behind those funny memes is actually very disturbing but surprisingly people found a 13-year-old boy who is suffering from a serious drug addiction funny and they are still making memes and funny videos and posting on Instagram, Facebook and especially on YouTube just to earn views and make money.

Common people are also on the hit list:

List of common people is even bigger, troll makers have a problem that why someone is dancing on his/her wedding, why they are smiling, taking shower, wearing expensive clothes or why even they exist.

I ask these meme makers why you guys exist and who gave you the license to troll anyone.

People making fun of their own society they are living in by insulting them and affecting their online reputation!!

Kamlesh is just like us, his poverty, personal family problems and the society around indulged him into drugs, no one gave a single thought even to find the guy and help him rather they made funny posts and encourage many more to the same. We are insulting are leaders are players and artists who represent their respective country and even the common man.

Above mention, examples quit understandable that how people are misusing your identity just too making memes and this definitely affects our online reputation so now here Repusurance does its work by maintaining the quality of your reputation and also as repairing reputation by removing your negative position. Reputation management is a very popular global trend which is a technical way to take control of your reputation.

Big brand names won’t get much affected as they already have an equal amount of lovers but why others feel this online embarrassment, it’s hard for them to survive online with a good reputation but its way more easy for them to consult Repusurance firm who has the best ORM team. This firm not only works on a person but also on businesses as most of the business independent online. It’s high time to knock out these meme makers and give Repusurance to play smartly and help people building their clean online image globally.

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