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Shekhar Kapur Shares What Makes A Successful Film Director

BAFTA & Academy Awards (OSCARs) winning film "Elizabeth" director Shekhar Kapur shares in an interview with Journalism News Network what makes successful film director and how one can become famous.

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Shekhar Kapur

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Shekhar Kapur on what it takes to become successful film director

(Q) If there is any secret formula to become successful film director like yourself? Ans) 3ps; Passion, perseverance and patience and that’s it.

(Q) How do I become famous?

Anybody can play tennis, but you need to be really really good to become Roger Federer. It takes a little bit of luck but it takes a lot of hard work.

(Q) What advice you will give to young generation?

If you have passion then don’t doubt it. Don’t be afraid and don’t fear your passion. Nothing will immediately but then perseverance and don’t give up. Passion, perseverance, and patience.

(Q)If somebody wants to become next Shekhar Kapur, what they need to do?

Ans) It will take you many years (laughing), When I started there was nothing. Somebody needs to have expensive cameras; expensive actors but now you don’t need any of that.

Today you take your smartphone, you shoot something, and you can edit it with simplest editing machine/software. So you are your own story writer, you are your camera man, you get some friends, you make some drama, you can edit it’s so easy and then you become your own distributor. You can put it on Vimeo you can put it on YouTube. There are so many options available. So actually you can start tomorrow.

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