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Custom Championship Rings

Make your team champions feel special by rewarding them custom championship rings.

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These rings are an honorary award to champions of sports events. These rings are heavy in weight, has a high quality and they are available in different sizes. These rings include the winning team's logo, name and the championship number. They are the symbol of victory and recognition as champions.

It is the best gift offered to the team members to motivate them which will remind them of their achievement. These types of rings provide encouragement to the entire team. Usually these rings are made of gold (yellow or white) with real diamonds. Championship rings are considered as motivation tokens which can deliver more than your expectations. It is a kind of trust you put in your team

There are different designs available however you can make your own particular design. Any idea would be successful as long as it could make somebody cheerful and motivated. These rings are available in different materials such as:

Durilium: This is a fine, non-precious metal. It has a rich platinum-white silver finish which resist scratching and offers durability.

Sterilium: It is a premium type of sterling silver. It contains a vibrant bright white color and is completely tarnish resistant.

Sterilium Plus: It has a mixture of Platinum and Sterilium. It has improved hardness that provides a high lustre finish. It is as durable as gold.

Two-Tone: This is pure gold which is used in the wording that is available on the surface of the ring to give a gold/silver looks to the ring. It also increases the overall physical value of the ring.

Gold Durilium: It has a 24kt Yellow Gold finish that resists scratches and has strong durability.

Custom designed rings let a person perform much better than they usually do. It improves relationships, concentrate on transmission of appreciation, gives feeling of creativity. The custom championship rings shows your trust on the player’s abilities to be a winner and boost your champions to win more and more prizes. Custom rings may be small but they are very powerful because it improves the emotional well being of players.

From the psychological perspective, customized championship rings improve the player’s ego. A person will definitely try to perform better knowing that he will be rewarded for his work. This is the reason why championship rings are ideal.

If you are planning to buy one you need to ensure that the jewelry is made by an excellent designer. provides custom championship rings according to the taste of your players and your budget.

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