How Eris (8) Designed A T-Shirt To Renovate His Community Center

The drawing of this little Indonesian boy travelled the world, ending up on a tee…

1. This is Eris (8) from Bogor, Indonesia

This is Eris. He’s 8 years old and lives in Bogor, Indonesia. He dreams of becoming a football player.

2. Eris made this drawing

Eris made this cute little drawing. As his drawing shows, Bogor has large trees with big roots :)

3. Artist Ana Benaroya got inspired by Eris’ drawing

Artist Ana Benaroya is living in Jersey City (USA). The New York Times and The New Yorker regularly publish her brilliant artwork. When she saw Erin’s drawing, she immediately got inspired and made this lovely artwork.

4. Combining the two artworks…

After Ana finished her artwork, she combined her’s with the drawings Eris made. As you can see this ended up in a magnificent, vibrant and colorful artwork.

5. … created uniquely designed T-shirts

This newly and uniquely created artwork screamed for being printed on T-shirts. And so this happened…

6. The profits of the tees will be used to renovate Eris’ community center

Eris made his drawing in the Asi-Syifa community center in his neighbourhood. Because the community center is in a really bad condition the profit of the tees will be used to renovate this building. So Eris and his friends can have a safe place to learn and play again.

7. The tees got shot by a renowned Dutch photographer

After internationally renowned Dutch photographer Jaap Vliegenthart saw the T-shirts, he immediately wanted to shoot them. Usually Jaap creates stunning pictures for Nike, Adidas and Canon.

8. Several fashion media reported about the tees

Several fashion media published a story about the tee Eris and Ana Benaroya created.

9. Help renovate Eris’ community center by sharing his story

Sharing this Buzzfeed post helps Eris to renovate his community center where he and his friends can learn and play. So go and hit that share button. Wanna buy the tee? Go to the website of the Face This foundation.

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