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Best 15 Photos Of Harlequin 2016-17

This year has been amazing! From the fall Revue to the spring musical Young Frankenstein, we've all been working so hard and having so much fun. These pictures are proof of that

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15. Please Do Touch Me!

14. We love Miscast! (especially Maggie)

13. Fabulous

12. Hello there, attractive person

11. What did Joe do this time?

10. Great job, Jacob!

9. Such good friends

8. The kid from Stranger Things and whatever Brianna was dressed as got a little too close

7. Show me one knight who will be half as true

6. Oh, Nate...

5. LIN????

4. .... No words....

3. Alex messed up

2. Good attempt, Joe...

1. Putting a show together is fun!

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