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    Here's How 24 People Spent Their "Would Be Wedding Day" When COVID-19 Changed Their Plans

    Love conquers all!

    We recently asked members of our BuzzFeed Community who had had their weddings postponed to tell us how they'd celebrated instead. These are some of their stories:


    "Our original wedding date was May 30th, but due to COVID we rescheduled for March 20th 2021. On our 'Would Have Been Wedding Day' my sister (the Maid of Honour) and best friend surprised us with a gift basket filled with super sweet and thoughtful gifts, plus a bottle of champagne. We laid low and hung out at home for most of the day, then went on an evening hike to watch the sunset. We took the bottle of champagne from earlier and cheersed to our love. Nothing too fancy! We wanted to acknowledge the day but not make a big deal out of it since we're still getting married next year. It was much harder on me than I thought it would be, but at the end of the day everyone is healthy and safe, so that's so that matters."



    "We were supposed to have our wedding at his parents' new house but instead, we are hosting a very small and intimate ceremony (with immediate family only) at his aunt and uncle's house as his parents had to slow down construction on their home. We plan to celebrate our one year anniversary with everyone at his parents' house next year! Thankfully our AMAZING photographer has agreed to capture both ceremonies. Here's a picture from our engagement session."



    "On Sunday we all had a Zoom call to celebrate my and my sister in law's birthdays and all of sudden, a bunch of friends and family joined. My brother explained that he got ordained online and that the call was actually a surprise virtual wedding! I was in tears and so surprised! My husband had secretly contacted my friends so they could be apart of it."



    "We were due to get married In Cyprus in May. On the day that would have been our wedding one of the bridesmaids told us to wait inside our house with the curtains drawn. When we were told to come outside there was an inflatable plane with two chairs with our names on it and she was dressed as an air hostess. She bought along a friend of hers who is a professional photographer who gifted us a ‘wedding’ photo shoot in our back garden. After this was all over we were told to go upstairs onto Zoom where everyone from our wedding party was waiting for us, the best man even made a speech. It was incredible."



    "We went wild camping to a beautiful lake. I wore a veil and a secondhand white dress I got from eBay. We exchanged love letters and our rings, drank Prosecco from plastic cups and listened to our wedding playlist. We ate pad Thai prepared by my sister's boyfriend who is a chef, and vegan cupcakes that we had specially made. The next morning we went wild swimming and on a hike. It was beautiful, funny and free, and we both loved our day. We've managed to rearrange our original wedding for next June but were going to go to the registry office in a few weeks with just two witnesses to do the legal bit."



    "Our wedding was planned for June 6th but due to quarantine we were forced to postpone. We decided to dress up and dance to our wedding playlist in our courtyard. I surprised him with a slideshow of photos, videos, and heartfelt texts from our past seven years together. He is worth the wait."



    "Our wedding was originally planned for August, but as the summer began, we knew that we weren't going to be able to have the celebration we wanted. After a stressful and emotionally exhausting rescheduling process, we settled on a new date next June, and decided to elope to keep our anniversary the same date! I gave my Maid of Honour just ten days notice, and she went into overdrive picking out a location and buying us food, flowers, and cake to celebrate. We picked up our marriage license the morning of, and then drove to a lakeside park where our officiant married us in a quick five-minute ceremony. We had a picnic at the park with my Maid of Honour and the Best Man afterwards. We've been married for just over a week now, and we're so happy that we did it even though we're very excited for the big event next year."



    "We should’ve got married on 9th April. Not going to lie, it was a tough day, but we thought it was important to mark it. We went out into the woods near our house, my fiancé got me to walk down an 'aisle' of trees while he played our wedding song out of his phone ('Something Changed' by Pulp), we exchanged rings and vows and then sat for a bit talking and drinking Prosecco out of little bottles. Later on, our friends thew us a virtual wedding reception on Zoom. We’re sad we have to push back our day but at least it’ll be a fun story to tell the kids one day, and we’re planning to celebrate our 'non-wedding' anniversary each year too!"



    "My husband and I had our April New Orleans destination wedding planned – it was going to be aboard a riverboat. I'm from the UK and he's from Maine so we were supposed to have family travelling from both sides of the pond. But obviously it got cancelled because of COVID – once it was announced international flights were suspended there was no way we could go ahead. But as I'm in the US on a ninety day fiance visa, we had to get married anyway. We ended up getting married outside a courthouse on the side of a highway – not the dream but who cares! After five years of long distance, we're together and that's all that matters. Now we're waiting on rescheduling the big day when we can. We still want to celebrate with our families whenever it's safe to do so!"



    "We were supposed to get married on May 9 in a huge cathedral wedding. We had invited everyone we knew, including my fifth-grade students to the Mass, with a smaller reception. We were worried about my husband's weak lungs, so we convinced our priest to marry us on March 18, with just five other people present. We thought it was ironic that most couples want something small and end up with something much bigger than what they had in mind and here we were planning something huge and ending up with something tiny.

    On what should have been our wedding day, we decorated our apartment and dressed in the outfits we got married in since my dress was still at the tailor. We watched the Zoom recording of our wedding and danced to a playlist we had made for the DJ. We ordered takeout and ate a cake I had made the previous day. We ended the day watching our favourite TV show because we figured it was our day and we could do whatever we wanted.

    We rescheduled our reception for the end of August."



    "We were supposed to get married on the 13th of June but we've postponed until the 6th of May next year. On our original date we went to a silversmithing shop and created our wedding bands for each other. After about six hours of firing and stretching and sawing and hammering we had our beautiful bands. Then we relaxed with friends in a cabin with a hot tub and mountain views."



    "We were supposed to get married and have a big wedding in June 2020. Often during the planning process we lamented about wanting to elope, but couldn’t disappoint our friends and family that wanted to celebrate with us at a wedding. Well, with COVID getting in the way of things and forcing us to postpone our wedding until June 2021, we decided we’d go ahead with the idea to elope! We’re still planning on having our big wedding next year but actually feel so fortunate we get to do both! Kind of a 'have your cake and eat it, too' moment."



    "We were supposed to get married on June 13, 2020, but postponed to June 12, 2021. We celebrated our original date by adopting a puppy and getting take out from our favourite Mexican restaurant, where we were going to have our rehearsal dinner. It was definitely a bitter sweet day, but adding a new member to the family helped solidify our commitment to each other despite having to wait one more year to get married."



    "We were supposed to get married on the 10th of May, but ended up having to postpone the wedding. It was our dog's birthday that day, so we had a Zoom party with our friends and their dogs to celebrate during the day. Then our original plan for the night was to get dressed up and have a nice dinner with a good bottle of wine but what actually happened is we ate pizza in our underwear and played five card draw while getting tipsy. The wedding will still happen, but the way we celebrated that day was perfect for us."



    "We were originally supposed to have a fairly large wedding on March 28 in Texas but due to COVID shutting down our venue/limiting numbers and our work schedules, we just decided to cancel the whole thing and still get married in a small, intimate ceremony. Mom live-streamed it to friends and family who couldn’t attend in person. Afterwards we had barbecue, did a cake cutting, and just got to enjoy each other’s company for a couple of hours. Very low key. We do plan to have a larger celebration later on with everyone that was originally supposed to be there (probably a vow renewal) but I’m just happy I got to marry my best friend."



    "We were meant to be getting married this weekend. Luckily we’re able to get to my dad’s garden where our wedding reception would have been, so we’re going to do a socially distanced celebration with my mum and dad; our caterer does takeaways on the weekend and happily had already planned to do a takeaway based on our wedding menu. Our wedding cake caterer is also doing a small cake for us and my mum's best friend is providing a bouquet and flower crown. Then we’ll do a Zoom call ceremony with guests from the UK, US, Europe and New Zealand watching and my friend ‘officiating’. We were hoping to exchange rings but wear them on the right hand and swap on the day (what my mother-in-law says they do in her culture) but my ring was stolen in the post and his has been delayed so may have to save that for the actual day! It will be small, intimate, and multicoloured – the opposite of the actual wedding but the perfect celebration. After nearly four years engaged, we feel we need one."



    "Our wedding happened the week quarantine started. We kept adjusting the wedding as the advice changed. I told my husband I still wanted to marry him and was fine with just that and no ceremony. But the family members we were already in contact with said they wanted the day to still be special. They put a small wedding together in my grandparents backyard and were able to space the tables far apart so the four households that were there could be separated. My grandfather officiated the wedding and it was a magical day. I was even still able to have my first 'dance' (lightsaber duel) with my husband."



    "We were set to get married March 20th. We were watching the news, literally had all our payments and last minute touches done, when we realised that we were in the middle of a global pandemic. We made the decision to cancel the wedding four days before our big day. We were crushed. I sent out texts, had my family and friends help spread the word, and I reached out to all the vendors. I felt so stupid, I got my dress tailored twice to be perfect. My grandparents came early from Mexico just for me, and I had to cancel. After lots of tears, we decided to elope to a courthouse downtown. I wore my dress and ran through the streets of downtown. My parents, my sister, and my grandparents were able to attend. I don’t know if I’ll ever get a real wedding. At this point, it seems silly to even have it in my thoughts. But I am so grateful to have had my family by my side and am so happy I married my best friend. Side note: the alcohol and sodas I bought for the reception have come in super handy during the quarantine."



    "Our original wedding date was in April on our five year anniversary. We celebrated at home, got dressed up and had a take away. My sister also surprised us with a lovely video of all our wedding party sending well wishes."



    "We got engaged in Hawaii and our wedding was supposed to take place there in April. It's a special place to us, so on what would have been our wedding day, we made a Hawaiian breakfast with fresh tropical juice and champagne, and Loco Moco. We followed it up with sushi for dinner and I baked our wedding cake, a dessert called butter mochi that's popular in Hawaii. Best non-wedding day celebration!"



    "We made sangria and got a cake at the grocery store."



    "We had to cancel our May wedding and chose not to reschedule due to the fact we were scheduled to start our fertility treatments later that month. Our venue was a beautiful private garden, so we went there and set up a quick styled photoshoot and had a mock up ceremony while Zooming in our parents and grandparents. Our friends and neighbours lined the street before we left and I was a mess. The day was a lot harder and more disappointing than I imagined. While the photos are beautiful, not being able to have any of the parties beforehand or celebrate our big day with our people was heart breaking. We hope other couples are able to reschedule and safely have the wedding they have always dreamed of."



    "My fiancé and I wanted to go off the grid for what would have been our wedding. We were emotionally drained from the week leading up to the day, because a lot of our guests has been calling and texting us, saying how much they wish it was happening and how sad they were. We felt the same way, and the constant reminder was just a lot to handle. We ended up going to his family’s cabin in the Pocono Mountains and then planned a hike at a state park. We never expected the trails to be packed with people, but I guess that’s what happened when everything is shut down. It was actually nice to see other human beings once we started hiking and the outdoors really took our mind off of what we should have been doing. We ended up finding a secluded spot and read our vows to one another, then gave each other ring pops to seal the deal. We didn’t want the day to pass by without sharing how deeply we love one another. Afterwards we were drained so we went home to our apartment and made the dinner we would have eaten at the wedding. We popped some champagne and used our cake serving set (which is pretty much trash anyway since the date on it is wrong now) to cut up a cupcake. Afterwards we ended up driving to our parents' houses and toasting with them, just to show them we were alive and how much we appreciate their support. Then we finally picked up our phones and responded to all of our friends and family that had reached out.

    Overall, it was perfect. No one could have anticipated COVID-19 or the total isolation it caused, but being together and sharing a moment with the ones we loved made the day unforgettable. Not even COVID can take away how much we love each other, and that’s what matters at the end of it. Should things be postponed again in November (our new date) we plan to just have a private ceremony with a reception at a later date."



    "Eating donuts, drinking wine, and having sex!"


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