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What's Your Unconventional Work From Home Habit That Is Actually Very Effective?

Have you cracked the code to WFH life?

WFHers, we've all been doing it for a while now and we might be doing it for even longer. Along the way, you may have picked up a few habits which from an outsiders point of view may seem weird, but have really helped you to stay motivated.

So we want to know, what's your weirdest but ultimately best work from home habit?

Do you pump yourself up through the day by having regular dance breaks?

Do you still like to get dressed into your full suit, when you know you could be just sat in your PJs instead?

Have you found that having background music that emulates the sounds of a cafe helps you to concentrate while you work?

Whatever the WFH habit is, we want to know. Tell us in the comments and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.