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    Here's Everything You Need To Know About Week Three Of "Love Island"

    RIP Tom.

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    We're back to fill you in on all things Love Island! Stay put to read about everything that's gone down this last week.

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    Hanifah: Things have really hit 100mph in the villa, and I am absolutely living for all the drama that unfolded this week!

    The dumping:


    Josie: The first drama of the week was definitely Joe and Elma leaving. I voted for them both to leave, so I should have been happy, but after seeing Elma stand up for herself, I kind of wanted her to stay. I hope she goes on TOWIE or something after.

    Lucie was starting to annoy me, so I think Joe leaving will push her into gear a bit and give her the freedom she needs to actually enjoy her time in the villa. I’m happy that the girls were semi-transparent about the fact that they voted for her and Joe as the least compatible and I respect Molly-Mae for telling Lucie that Joe was also doubting their compatibility. Lucie needed a reality check and since then we’ve seen her flourish. I hope someone else comes into the villa who will only make her more and more confident as time goes on.

    I’ve fully jumped aboard the Love Island train – yes, I downloaded the app. I voted for Anton and Joe to leave, but TBH I wouldn’t have been that bothered about any of them going. But I do have to say, after seeing Elma defending herself, it’s a shame that she’s gone so soon.

    One of the main reasons why I didn’t vote Lucie out was because I felt sorry for her after the whole food fight debacle. I’m hoping that now Joe’s gone we’ll see a more exciting side to her. I personally hope that she’ll go rogue and try to crack on with Tommy.

    The new boys:


    Josie: When Tom and Jordan came in I was already kind of bored of them. Tom is Paul from last year — a nice guy who is probably the kind of man all the girls should be going for, but he won’t give me the drama I crave so much. The drama happens around him and even then, the girls are kind of lacklustre about him. I CBA with him.

    Jordan seems nice and I love that he and Anna seem to be working so well together, but that is definitely a matching of lust rather than love. I think they’re both cool with that though, so fair dues to them. They’ll be in the hideaway getting busy under the covers in no time. I predict that they’ll make it fairly far but will end up being voted out.

    Like Josie, the arrival of the new boys didn’t phase me either. They’re both pretty vanilla so I didn’t see them causing any dramas. I like that Anna’s got someone to pair with, but I don’t think they’re a natural couple – that being said, they look like they’re getting along, so I reckon things are gonna heat up pretty fast.

    And then there’s Tom – he’s a good looking guy, but he’s so dull. I didn’t really understand Maura’s outburst over him – like, is he that special?

    Arabella's arrival:


    Hani: Arabella’s serving ‘90s Brooke Shields hotness, so it was clear she would be shaking things up, but because of the whole Danny/Yewande thing, she’s come off pretty unlikeable. A personal highlight for me was seeing Curtis trying to play it cool, when he quite obviously fancied Arabella. Aside from that, she’s clearly not got any girl code – why would she even want Danny after seeing how he treated Yewande?? I want her to stay for the drama (and the hot factor), but I won’t be rooting for her.

    Josie: Arabella is my new girl crush. I followed her on Instagram as soon as I saw her saunter into the villa in that thong bikini. Out of her dates with Anton and Danny I definitely thought she got on best with Anton. They seemed to have more natural banter and be a bit more comfortable in each other's company, but since then she seems to have gone after Danny. I feel for Yewande because she's been caught in the middle of something that she clearly isn't ready for and Arabella seems quite comfortable in stirring the pot.

    Did Tommy and Molly-Mae shag???


    Josie: I screamed when I saw Molly-Mae and Tommy giving it a little *something something* in the bedroom on Thursday’s episode. I will forever be haunted by the image of Tommy positioned behind with a dead-in-the-eyes look pasted on his face while Molly-Mae muttered “Jesus Christ.” I was convinced they were in the midst of banging, but on second (and third) watch it appears that Tommy may be doing all the work whilst Molly-Mae reaps the benefit, if you know what I mean.

    Hani: Wellll, we’ve clearly come to a stage where people are getting *ahem* restless, because everyone seems to doing bitssss. I have to admit, I completely missed Molly-Mae and Tommy’s little tumble the first time around, but I can assure you that I’ve watched it back. I’m not sure what exactly was going down under the covers, but I can confirm that there definitely was action. After that show, I think these two should have a well-deserved trip to the hideaway.

    The Danny, Yewande, and Arabella love triangle:


    Hani: Okay, so there’s a lot to unpack with Danny and Yewande, and it’s been an emotional rollercoaster. First things first, watching Yewande trying to put the moves on Danny was painful to see. Sure, she probably shouldn’t have sat on him, but she didn’t deserve to be screwed over like that. At the start of the week, I was annoyed at Yewande for being so damn cold, but I think the country has collectively come to accept that Danny’s behaviour was seriously douchey.

    It had seemed like Danny had bared his soul, only to be met with a brick wall (Yewande), but we now see that she had reason to be so guarded. Getting so excited about his date with Arabella after telling Yewande his head couldn’t be turned was a total dick move. He needed to be called out, and I’m glad the boys didn’t just side with him. Seeing Tommy and Michael calling Danny out on his bullshit was the high-quality content I’ve been waiting for all season.

    Josie: I feel like this week has just been watching Yewande and Danny’s fledgeling romance slowly implode. As an original islander, the nation was on Yewande’s side. We’ve invested time in her so we’ve been waiting for someone to come in to sweep her off of her feet and Danny seemed to be the man for the job, yet alas, things don’t always go the way we all collectively want.

    I don’t trust Danny now — after watching him lay it on Factor 50 thick, he then had his head immediately turned by Arabella walking into the villa. There was no need for him to really lay it down with Yewande, so he really screwed himself over After finding Yewande’s coldness quite annoying at first, hearing her break down to Danny was a really heartbreaking moment which I’m sure spoke to a lot of people. While I don’t want Yewande to leave the island, I don’t think she should stay coupled with Danny as it is quite clear that he isn’t the right guy for her.

    Tom's fuck up:


    Hani: The last 3 minutes of Sunday nights episode honestly had me cackling. Tom’s comment was SO inappropriate, but the ridiculousness of the whole situation was hilarious. Tom really played himself. I have so many questions – why did he say that when Maura was right there? Why did he repeat it to her? What did he think was going to happen??? He definitely forgot where he was, and the respect went all the way out the window. After seeing how Maura handled the whole thing, my love for her is back – she’s clearly not taking any shit from anyone, and I can’t wait to see her put Tom in his (well deserved) place.

    Josie: Tom is a Grade A idiot. That kind of comment is so inappropriate and shows that he thinks that if a woman talks about sex, she should be up for it. Newsflash: that ain’t true. I cannot believe that he saw that Maura was there and then turned back and said that to the boys. Does he think she is deaf or something?! DID HE THINK SHE WOULD BE COOL WITH THAT?! I’m so happy that Maura gave him a bollocking. She stood up for herself when others may not have. I hope that she either goes to the hideaway alone or takes one of the girls for a sleepover because god knows that Tom doesn’t deserve to catch sight of that jacuzzi. This is a Love Island moment that will go down in history.

    Recoupling and winner predictions:


    Hani: Tonight's recoupling could go any way – who will Danny choose? Who will Tom choose??! I’m guessing that Maura won’t be keen on coupling with Tom, so it’ll be weird if he chooses her by force. I hate how much power Danny thinks he has, but I hope he chooses Yewande, because I don’t think we’ve seen the best of her yet. Lucie’s been quite the sidepiece this week – unless Anton chooses her I reckon she’ll be gone, and we won’t miss her.

    Amber and Michael to win!!! Michael has a heart of gold and Amber says it as it is – they’re a perfect match. They’re everything Curtis and Amy wish they were, but I can already see the nation getting bored of them too. Maybe they like each other, but I honestly want to skip all of their screen time. It’s obvious that they think they’re the favourites to win, but I reckon they’ll be the first couple off.

    Josie: I think I’m with the majority in saying that I hope Amber and Michael win the whole series. I may have disliked Amber at the start, but she’s definitely proved herself to not only be a great character in the villa, but a real friend to everyone (especially the girls) in there. Michael has also become my favourite boy in there - I feel like he has his head screwed on straight. Curtis and Amy definitely think they’re on the fast track to winning, but IMHO they’re dead in the water. They are too settled and even when they do argue, it’s the kind of argument that no one really wants to be privvy to.

    What did you think of Tom's faux pas? Who's Danny gonna pick? Tell us in the comments!


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