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    Here's Everything You Need To Know About "Love Island" So Far

    Week one: it is what it is.

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    We're Josie and Hanifah, BuzzFeed's resident Love Island correspondents. Each week we're going to discuss everything that's been happening in the villa – all the challenges, romances, and recoupling drama.

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    Hanifah: Before writing this I’d never seen an episode of Love Island in my life. The show's not really my type on paper, but I’m finally ready to jump on this bandwagon.

    Josie: I’m a huge Love Island fan – so much so that I started a Love Island Slack group at work, and someone once referred to me as “Love Island Josie.”

    First impressions:

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    Hani: I honestly had no idea what to expect. First thought: everyone’s really cheesy, but after 15 minutes I could already see myself getting hooked. I didn’t realise they all had to pick their couples on first impressions alone – it’s brutal and I love it! I can’t say that I had a fave from the first episode, but Sherif really stood out – I found his complete lack of a poker face after getting rejected very endearing. I’m not going to lie, at this stage, I still didn’t have a full grasp on the whole premise, but I liked where it was going. I do have many questions though – who coins all these catchphrases? Will more people be added? Are there challenges? This is a whole new world and I’m very excited.

    Josie: Full disclosure: I didn’t watch the first half of the first episode. I know, I know, for someone who is a self-professed Love Island “expert” this isn’t a great start to the new series, BUT I catch-on quick. My favourite person from the first episode was Joe, I thought (emphasis on thought) he seemed like he was going to be the cookie cutter cheeky chappy of the series. Basically, to me, he was a Kem 2.0. More on this later. I also liked Amy – she came off as genuine and sweet and I can already see her becoming one of the big personalities in the villa.

    The arrival of Tommy and Curtis:

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    Josie: Tommy and Curtis coming in was probably the most dramatic part of this week, but long time Love Island watchers will already have seen it coming. Tommy stealing Lucie was definitely a shock for me – I thought he was going to go for Amber and then wait out to see whether Joe and Lucie would cool down. After my good first impression of Joe, he has definitely gone down in my estimation. His reaction to the recoupling was too much and he came off as really possessive. I don’t think that kind of behaviour is cool at all and I felt for Lucie. I think Joe could end up causing quite a lot of drama if he stays in.

    Hani: Wow they really don’t give these guys a chance to settle into their couples, do they? Tommy's already my new fave – how can you not love a Hannah Montana stan? The whole Tommy stealing Lucie thing brought out a really ugly colour in Joe. He’s giving me “nice guy” vibes and it’s not cute. I feel bad saying this but I do hope he stays in for a while because I know he’s gonna be messy.

    Curtis and Amy's blossoming romance:

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    Josie: Curtis and Amy are definitely the stand-out couple from the first week. They seem like the most wholesome people in there at the moment – Amy loves musicals, and Curtis loves to dance – so they’re a good match in my eyes. I do wonder whether Amy will want someone who has a bit more spice to them, but if not I reckon they have a good chance at making it to the end and we all know that couples who establish themselves early on usually go on to win.

    Hani: Curtis and Amy are cute but I can already feel myself getting bored of them. They’re cute, but I want the drama. At the moment they’re definitely the most likely to win – they’re both pretty wholesome. Will they bang in the villa? Probably not, so I think we’re gonna get bored. I’m also concerned that Amy might get a bit too comfortable in the coupling and end up being ditched by Curtis – I’ve got a feeling that he could potentially have a bit of a wandering eye.

    Anton's Operations:

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    Hani: Although I’m still not 100% sure what the game is, I’m certain that Anton is playing it. Call me harsh but I don’t appreciate the fact that he’s naming all his “plans,” I feel like he’s trying too hard to become a memorable personality and I’m not here for it. Anna seems like a genuine girl, so I’m glad she didn’t fall for Operation Triple A. I don’t see Operation MMA going any better – why does Anton automatically think he has a connection with these girls? I feel like Anton’s days in the villa are numbered, and I’m not mad about it

    Josie: Anton isn’t my favourite person in the villa and that isn’t just because of his overly preened eyebrows. To be honest, I’d never seen him and Anna interact before so when he announced that he had launched Operation Triple A to steal her away from Sherif, I was surprised. Sorry Anton, but I don’t see you two working out. I really liked that Anna said she was open to getting to know people but was also loyal to Sherif. I think she’s a really good egg and I hope someone else comes in later on who blows her away. After being pied off by Anna he then set his sights on Molly-Mae (Operation MMA). I don’t see this one working either and I think he’s putting himself in a dangerous position by potentially pissing off Tommy. I’ll be keeping a close eye on any developments here.

    Molly Mae's dates:

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    Josie: I cannot believe Molly-Mae picked Curtis to go on a date! Maybe she hadn’t been privy to the latest episodes before going into the villa, but still Curtis and Amy were quite obviously the strongest couple in there. Thankfully Curtis stayed strong and friend-zoned her almost immediately – babe! Tommy is obviously quite smitten and I can already see him and Molly-Mae being a better coupling than him and Lucie.

    Hani: Molly-Mae picking Curtis was the excitement that I was looking for – I thought it would really shake things up in the villa. As much as I wanted drama, I’m happy that Curtis stayed loyal to Amy, and I reckon Tommy and Molly-Mae might become the villa's best couple.

    Friday's recoupling:

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    Hani: I’m really happy that Anna picked Sherif – I think they might become my new favourite couple. No offence, but Callum’s departure meant nothing to me, he was so lowkey and I don’t think he’ll be missed. After his borderline creepy comments I’m not a fan of Joe, so I’m annoyed at Lucie for picking him. I wish they could hear what they said about each other in the diary room.

    Josie: I feel like Friday night’s recoupling was billed to be a big one but really there wasn’t many surprises. Anton got sacked off by Anna, but we all saw that coming anyway, and Lucie picked Joe. I’m glad that Sherif and Anna actually seem to be chatting now – I can see them becoming one of the stronger couples in the house over time.

    Predictions for the next week:

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    Josie: My main prediction is that Curtis and Amy will continue to be the strongest coupling in the villa. While it is always nice to see people coupling up and finding someone they like in there, we’re all really watching for the drama, so while I hope they continue ticking along, they’re pretty boring to me RN. I’m excited to see Yewande and Danny’s date – I’m hoping that she finds someone in the villa and we get to see her shine even more. I’m not feeling positive about Anton’s Operation MMA initiative – I think he might end up ruffling too many feathers. This could either make him look terrible, or if Tommy reacts badly, could end up having a negative effect on him.

    Hani: If they want to keep me hooked I’m going to need some more drama – throwing drinks, slaps, that kind of thing. Everyone’s way too friendly at the moment with each other at the moment. I’m SO HAPPY Yewande’s got a date, and I can’t wait for her to finally get some screen time. I have a feeling that her and bestie Amber might have a falling out though, watch this space… Also, stop trying to make bev happen. It’s not a thing.

    Stay tuned for the next instalment!

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