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    These 21 Stories About The Exact Moment People Fell In Love Made Me Believe That Love Is Real

    "When the words 'I love Harry Potter' came out of his mouth"

    We recently asked our audience to tell us about the moment they fell in love with their partner. Here are some of their answers:

    1. The Senior Crush.

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    "On my first day of Senior year, I walked into an AP Biology class that I knew I was going to fail. The plan was to go to the counselor’s office and get my classes changed. I sat down and instantly locked eyes with a boy who sat down on the opposite side of the desk. He had long wavy brown hair, sweet honey coloured eyes, and a smile that knocked me right out. In my head I said, 'well I guess I’m going to take that F.' Eleven years later we’re happily married with two beautiful babies and one fur baby. That’s the best F on my high school transcript"


    2. The Forever Partner.

    "I have to use a wheelchair whenever I leave the house – in the very beginning of our relationship, I was very self conscious about it and felt so embarrassed. I absolutely knew he was 'The One' when he said that he wanted to marry me, even if he had to push me down the aisle. We have two beautiful little girls and are celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary this September."


    3. The Silver Screen Romance.

    Paramount Movies / Via

    "My family loves watching movies. I'd been told by ex-partners that it was annoying that my family and I used movie quotes in our normal conversations because they’d feel left out. During one of the first times I’d hung out with my now husband he was flirting with me and without thinking I said, 'you’re making fun of me, Riz?’ and without missing a beat he replied, ‘Some people are so touchy.’ I fell in love right there to a man who could quote Grease."


    4. The Support System.

    "Me and my partner had only been dating for a month when my granny passed away. When I text her to let her know my granny passed away she came to see me, drove me about for hours to distract me, brought me to my parents, drove my family where they needed to go, went to a wake full of my family that she had never met, and held me during the funeral. I knew she was 'The One' because at the hardest time of my life she stayed and supported me even though she didn't really know me."


    5. The Dodgy Tummy.

    @southpark / GIPHY / Via

    "On our third date, I we had just finished eating dinner at a Mexican place and decided to walk to a nearby brewery. I noticed he was walking pretty fast along the way and as soon as we got to the brewery, he rushed to the bathroom and was there for a good thirty minutes. I knew what was up, but when he came out I acted like everything was normal. We had a quick drink and decided to head home. As soon as we got in the car, he floored it and came to a screeching halt back in front of the brewery. He looked at me and yelled: 'take my car wherever you want to go, I don't care!' And then ran back in. I drove around for a while and was laughing uncontrollably the whole time. When I went to pick him up, he saw me laughing with tears streaming down my face, and he started busting up just as hard. From that moment, I knew if we could get through something like this and laugh, we were going to be just fine."


    6. The Smile-Maker.

    "The moment I knew I was falling in love was when he gave me his the taco which had extra bacon on it. He loves bacon – I asked why and he said giving it to me was easy cause it made me smile and that's all he wanted."


    7. The New Laugh.

    @talkstoop / GIPHY / Via

    "He brought out a new laugh in me that had never come up in thirty-two years. I fell in love mid-laugh."


    8. The Ride Or Die.

    "My boyfriend found out that a mutual friend had screamed some very inappropriate things at a friend of mine while we were out together. The day he found out about that incident he tracked down the guy and explained to him why that wasn’t okay and convinced him to apologise. The fact that he showed so much integrity and didn’t hesitate to stand up for my friend meant so much. We’re still together seven years later and he continues to pleasantly surprise me all the time."


    9. The Enthusiastic Brainstormer.

    @CBC / GIPHY / Via

    "In my previous relationship my opinions and needs didn't matter, so on a third date with my new guy when I told him about how I was starting a new side business, I didn't expect much. But the next time I saw him he said he'd been thinking about ideas for how to help my business grow, if I was interested. I am still so deeply touched that he's always believed in me and supports my dreams – it means so much."


    10. The Hospital Hero.

    "We had only been dating a couple weeks when I became very sick. Three days later at the hospital I was told I had a severe infection and kidney failure. My local hospital was unequipped to help me so I was to be put on a med-flight to a hospital in the next state. When the doctors asked who was going with me, my boyfriend knew my mom would be unable to go and without hesitation he volunteered. He drove two hours, told the staff he was my fiancée so he would be let in and spent the next four days and nights in ICU with me holding my hand. He said he refused to let me go through this alone and that's when I knew."


    11. The Snotty Shirt.

    @grandfathered / GIPHY / Via

    "When my younger brother was a toddler (there's a big age gap between myself and my siblings) he was eating a super messy chocolate covered cookie when he bit his tongue and started crying like it was the end of the world. My now-husband picked him up and hugged him – my brother got snot and chocolate-cookie slobber all over my partner's new shirt and he just didn't even care! That's when I knew. And ten-plus years later, I still have that shirt as a reminder of how fortunate I was to find him and not let him go."


    12. The Peace Negotiator.

    "When my husband of seventeen years and I were out on our second (or so) date and leaving a local diner, there was a pair of obnoxiously drunk men huddled around his car in the parking lot. He asked them to move and they got belligerent (calling him names and threatening to punch him). To my surprise, my husband diffused the situation by treating these two men like human beings – he soon had them laughing like they’d been best friends forever. He called them each a cab and paid their rides home. His ability to talk to people meet them at their level is something that has continued to impress me everyday that we’ve been married."


    13. The Dance-Off.

    @leonbridges / GIPHY / Via

    "When I was younger I went to visit my cousin and her then boyfriend, whilst they were cooking dinner he randomly took her hand and they started dancing in the kitchen. I could see they were so in love with how comfortable they were being silly around each other.

    Fast forward to my now partner and I's first date – we spent it wandering around town and ended up in a coffee shop at the end of the day. We ended up getting locked in as the barista was out the back and hadn't noticed we were inside. We looked at each other and laughed and he said 'well, there's just one thing to do' and he took my hand and started dancing me around the empty shop. I knew I would want to be silly with him for the rest of my life in that moment. Two years later and we live together with two cats – I couldn't be happier."


    14. The Mosh Pit Match.

    "She joined me and some of my band members at a concert for the heavy metal band Slayer. After I had spent half the show in the mosh pit (and was sweaty and gross), I looked up at the second level and she was still standing there waving at me. If this woman could see me in my most carnal state and still be there, I knew I was in love and that I would marry her. I went back up to where she and my bandmates were standing, got up behind her, and said, 'is it weird for a guy to tell a girl he loves her at a Slayer concert?' She smiled and shook her head. We were married eleven months later."


    15. The Security Blanket.

    @lucifer / GIPHY / Via

    "I have anxiety and there have only ever been two people in my life that understand and could help calm me and feel like a safe place to me: my dad and my now husband. My dad had a stroke early into our relationship and it sent me spiralling because he was my safe place and it had completely flattened his personality, he could barely talk or make facial expressions for a long time. My partner was so loving and patient with me, never asked me stop worrying and helped me to manage that situation and cared for my mom and dad so well. I knew I loved him and wanted to marry him when one day I was feeling anxious and all he did was walk into the room and it completely disappeared. Even my dad couldn’t just walk in and I’d feel better! He had become my new safe place that I was afraid I’d never have again and still is to this day!"


    16. The Shared Sip.

    "I don't let anyone drink from my cup. I can swap bodily fluids all the live long day, but don't you dare take a swig from my cup or bottle. One day my boyfriend casually picked up my Diet Coke in the car and took a drink. I looked at it, then at him, and was totally cool. That's when I knew it was love."


    17. The Magical Connection.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    "I fell in love the minute I laid eyes on him. And an hour later when the words 'I love Harry Potter' came out of his mouth I texted my mum and told her I'd met my soulmate."


    18. The Salsa Session.

    "I’m Puerto Rican and I grew up dancing salsa in the living room with my dad. He’s Midwestern and his parents were opposed to dancing, Footloose style. But for our second date he took me salsa dancing. We ended up being late and missed the lesson but he let me teach him and we danced all night. I remember thinking, 'if he’s willing to do this, he’s worth sticking around for.' We’ve been married for ten years now and I still remember that moment at the salsa club fondly."


    19. The Wedding Dance.

    @hulu / GIPHY / Via

    "I knew I was in love the first time I saw my girlfriend dance at a wedding. We had been to college formals before this wedding and she always refused to really dance, she would just sway at most. But at this wedding she let loose and looked like a complete fool but at the same time she was the cutest, most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Seeing her having that much fun and any time she would look at me and smile while dancing around I knew I was in love."


    20. The Tampon Treat.

    "Once I was really not feeling my best; I wasn't on my period just feeling tired and sad. My boyfriend thought it would be cute to buy me my favourite things – he got me my favourite drink, takeout food, and candy. When he gave me everything I noticed a familiar box. I picked it up and immediately started laughing. Turned out he also bought me a box of tampons because I always bought them and he thought I liked them a lot. When I told him what they were the embarrassed smile on his face made me realise I was going to marry him one day."


    21. The Flatulence Fancy.

    @the-last-man-on-earth / GIPHY / Via

    "I knew it was love when I farted in front of him for the first time and he simply said 'nice one;'."


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