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14 Incredibly British Things That Have Happened In Lockdown

Two words: ham window.

1. This hack for people who are feeling a bit lonely:

If you're feeling a bit down cause of self isolation just cut bread into a hand shape and when it pops up in the toaster it feels like someone is giving you a high 5

2. This goat takeover:

the only thing I care about is the mountain goats that have seized llandudno in wales while humans are on lockdown they said we our RECLAIMING our city we are OWNING our narrative

3. And this deer one:

While the goats in Llandudno are getting all the publicity, how about a shout out for these deer who have colonised the empty streets of Harold Hill in east London?

4. This ingenious trick that all new pet owners should try:

My mates bought a puppy at the start of lockdown but they were worried they haven’t introduced him to enough new people so today one of them dressed up 😭

Instagram: / Via Twitter: @RyanHunterUK

5. This dad who has presumably told too many dad jokes:

day 8? of self-isolation my dad's been banished to the roof

6. This way to share the wine around:

tutorial: how to share wine during lockdown

7. This social distance street party:

Socially distant dancing happens every day on our road at 11am during #lockdown. This was day seven. #Covid19 #StayHomeSaveLives

8. This top secret meeting with not such a top secret Zoom ID:

if you'd like to dial into the Cabinet tomorrow, the Zoom meeting ID has helpfully been included in this screenshot

9. This household of bears:

House near us puts these bears out each day, doing a different activity every time. It’s all I live for currently...

10. This beautiful tribute to Pizza Express:

I need that well of emotion every night now. Tomorrow, 8pm, we clap for Pizza Express

11. This...just this:

12. This very beige, but very British, snack choice:

I've put leftover mashed potato in my sandwich because there are no rules anymore.

13. This April Fools joke:

14. And this very diligent dog who is just trying to do their job from home:

This is Toby he is now working from home...

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