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    These 20 London Tourist Destinations Are So Good Even The Locals Love Them

    Get your walking shoes on!

    We recently asked the Londoners in our BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the things they would recommend a tourist see when they come to London. This is what they said:

    1. Regent's Canal.

    2. The Southbank.

    3. Kensington Palace Orangery.

    4. Alexandra Palace.

    5. Portobello Road.

    6. Brick Lane.

    7. The Monument.

    8. Sir John Soane's Museum.

    9. V&A Museum of Childhood.

    10. Trying a proper pie and mash.

    11. Catch the bus.

    12. Jack The Ripper tours.

    13. Houses of Parliament.

    14. The London Dungeon.

    15. The National Portrait Gallery.

    16. The Food Markets.

    17. The Sky Garden.

    18. Hampton Court Palace.

    19. The London Bridge Experience.

    20. Greenwich.

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    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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