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There Is An Afternoon Tea For Dogs In London And Oh My God Someone Lend Me A Puppy

Everything is better with dogs.

Us Brits love afternoon tea.

Nick Hopper / Getty Images / Via

There is something about the preposterously mini sandwiches, the endless slices of cake, and the whole pomp and circumstance of it that really gets us going.

But I think every Brit would agree that there is one thing missing from a good old fashioned afternoon tea sitting, and that thing is: dogs!

Kozorog / Getty Images / Via

Imagine if you could bring your best doggo along to sip on some tea (or pawsecco rosé)!!!

Damedeeso / Getty Images / Via

Well, the Egerton House Hotel in London lets you do just that.

Your good boys can dine on chicken and beef meatloaf and doggylicious ice cream in the hotel's fancy Drawing Room while you enjoy a traditional human afternoon tea.

Watch the Bring Me video to find out more!