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    The 16 Internal Struggles That Happen When There Is Too Much Good TV On

    Good TV + great weather = dilemma.

    1. Sometimes we are blessed with a full schedule of good TV shows...

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    ...and when that happens, it can sometimes feel like a bit of a curse.

    2. ...But missing out on just one night can throw you seriously out of funk.

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    Blocking out time in your work diary just so you can catch up on something might not be your manager's idea of being productive, but it is yours.

    3. Sometimes good weather makes you feel guilty for just wanting to go home and watch your favourite shows.

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    "Sitting in a dark room watching fictional people deal with fictional problems is the best use of my life, right?"

    4. And when you've got so many, you'll occasionally need to make the difficult decision to sacrifice one so that you can concentrate on the others...

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    You know you can always go back to it at a later date, but it just won't be the same.

    5. ...But if you're the TV expert among your friends, telling them that you've missed out on something can be a hard to admit.

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    It's difficult staying on the cultural pulse all of the time.

    6. If you're really behind, you've been known to "cheat" by just reading the Wikipedia synopsis to keep on track.

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    Finding out a huge storyline twist this way just isn't the same.

    7. It can mean being cut throat and starting a program without your S.O. if your schedules don't line up...

    The worst part about watching a tv show with your boyfriend is having to wait to watch it until they’re free.

    You were just being assertive.

    8. ...But sometimes you'll end up re-watching an episode just to get in their good books again.

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    So really you've just doubled your own watch-load.

    9. Watching a show with someone who isn't giving it the proper respect and attention is super frustrating.

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    "Sitting on your phone and scrolling is rude to the writers who have poured their hearts and souls into giving us this prime entertainment!"

    10. You're aware that your commitment to your TV schedule may be harming other areas of your life...

    If I expressed as much committment to my love life as I do towards watching love island I might get somewhere... #loveisland

    Just pick a TV S.O. instead.

    11. ...And doing things like studying and actual life admin can become almost impossible.

    When I start to study, all the good tv shows begin.

    Watching an episode of Love Island is its own kind of education.

    12. Plus your sleep schedule goes out of the window.

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    Sacrificing your 8 hours of sleep for 8 hours of your favourite binge-watch seems like a good idea at the time.

    13. Sometimes you can come off a little bit rude if someone tries to interrupt you whilst you're watching your show.

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    14. Keeping up with all the convoluted storylines can be a bit challenging at times...

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    "Wait, who just did what to who?! I thought they didn't even like each other?!"

    15. ...And occasionally you'll muddle them up.

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    A quick Google search and a recap will set you right again.

    16. But while your dedication to TV might seem extreme at times, it does helps you to bond with others.

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    You know you probably wouldn't have friends otherwise.